Fact! Shampooing Sugar Makes Hair Cleaner

Fact! Shampooing Sugar Makes Hair Cleaner

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Vemale.com – Clean hair will make you look more attractive and confident. One way to maintain hair hygiene is to regularly shampoo. Well, shampoo with shampoo just does not guarantee hair will be clean. Dirt in the hair can not be completely lost only by using shampoo. Shampooing with shampoo often can not remove stubborn dirt.

Many ways are done to get the right hair care. Starting from the treatment at the salon, to buy hair care products that are expensive. All done in order to get good results. Unfortunately many do not know if healthy and clean hair care can be done in a way that is easy and of course cheap.

One way to remove impurities in the hair is to shampoo using sugar. Mixing sugar and shampoo will help clean the dirt on the scalp, so the hair cleaner. Not only that gentle sugar will help smooth blood circulation in the head. Do a light massage when shampooing.

Mix one teaspoon of sugar with shampoo. Use to wash as usual. Rinse thoroughly. Sugar in shampoo will help remove dead kult cells. Not only that, sugar also helps maximize shampoo work.

Dr Francesca Fusco, from the Wexler Dermatology clinic, was quoted as saying that sugar mixed in shampoo will make hair healthier and cleaner. You need to remember, to do this treatment once a month. It is important to avoid the scalp becoming dry and can cause other hair problems.

Well, interested to try? Make your hair beautiful and well groomed. Good luck, Ladies.

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