Failure of the Government of Indonesia

Failure of the Government of Indonesia[caption = attachment_202118 "align =" aligncenter "width =" 549 "By Atep Afia Hidayat – It does not feel the time keeps rolling, entering the 67th year of Indonesia post declared independence free from the grip of colonization of other nations (August 17, 1945 August 17, 2012). Yes, in fact the Indonesian nation has entered the age of 67, as a nation can not be said to be old, because other nations there who have reached the age of hundreds of years. As comparisons of the United States of America in 2012 has entered the age of 236 years; The Australians are 111 years old; Even France is 1,526 years old and Bulgarian nation is 1,380 years old. It is clear that the Indonesian nation is still classified as a young nation in the world, but still older than the 55-year-old Malaysian nation and the 47-year-old Singaporean nation; as well as Kazakhstan and Ukraine which are both 21 years old.

Through the management of several ruling regimes, from the Soekarno, Soeharto, Habibie, Megawati to Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono regimes, there has been no sign of the rise of Indonesia to be one of the strongest countries in the world, at least in Asia. When Soeharto took control of the government there was indeed an Indonesian phenomenon being one of four Asian tigers, but simultaneously with the fall of Soeharto, the title became almost inaudible. Even the appearance of Indonesia as a toothless tiger in Southeast Asia.

Actually, many factors that can support to achieve the position of the strongest country in Asia and even in the world. The first factor of population resources which in quantity ranks number four in the world. After China, India and the United States, the next position is Indonesia. Both natural resource factors are among the richest in the dinia, ranging from food, flora, fauna, minerals, energy, marine and so on. Indonesia abundant everything, there is no single country in Europe that approached the natural wealth of Indonesia. The three historical factors in which in Indonesia once stood several major countries such as Majapahit, Sriwijaya and Samudera Pasai. These three factors should be an inspiration for the rise of Indonesia.

Based on some benchmarks Indonesia's position compared to other countries in the world is still apprehensive. As an illustration towards the end of June 2012 The Fund For Peace (FFP) based in Washington DC, USA, published Country Failed Index. Apparently Indonesia's position is ranked 63rd out of 178 countries around the world. It makes Indonesia in the warning category, if mismanagement continues then immediately join the failed group. It turns out that various indicators such as Health, Education, Income, Inequality, Poverty, Gender, Sustainability and Demography Indonesia are less encouraging.

The story of failure still continues, based on the Human Development Index (HDI) or Human Development Index (HDI), the position of Indonesia is still very low. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Indonesia's IPM in 2011 was at position 124 (including Medium Human Development) of 187 countries surveyed, with only a score of 0.617. Based on IPM Indonesia is classified as a third class country, where the first grade belongs to the Very High Human Development group (ranked 1 47); Second class High Human Development (ranked 48 94); Third grade Medium Human Development (ranked 95 141); and Fourth Grade of Low Human Development (ranked 142 187). Compare that with Singapore's achievement with a score of 0.866, Brunei (0.838); Malaysia (0.761), Thailand (0.682,) and the Philippines (0.644). Especially when compared with Japan (0.901) and South Korea (0.897).

There are still other indicators that indicate the existence of mismanagement or lack of governance of the State of Indonesia, the results of London 2012 Olympic Games. Parties around the nation around the world can be an indicator of the strength of a nation. Achievement of Indonesia representing the Indonesian nation is still very alarming. Although in this case we must express the highest appreciation for silver and bronze medalists, ie two athletes from the weightlifting branch from Balikpapan (East Kalimantan), lifter Eko Yuli Irawan who donated bronze medal and Triyatno who donated silver medal. Imagine if Eko Yuli and Triyatno did not perform, then the name of Indonesia became unlisted.

Ranked to 63 along with five other countries, with the acquisition of one silver and one bronze that Indonesia's position in the event the world's sporting event. Sequentially the United States, China, Britain, Russia and South Korea still occupy the top five of the Olympics.

While in the soccer branch which is the most popular sport in Indonesia, even in the world, the condition and position of Indonesian football can be said very pathetic. The management of soccer is very messy with unclear management. According to FIFA, I

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