Famine Not Just Happens in Africa. Look at the 14 Pilu Portraits of this Famine Country

Famine Not JustThe famine may be identical to the African Continent. In barren land with minimal natural resources, clean water sources are contested until the bloody conflict ends. Although the reality is heartbreaking, but it seems that many already know how many people are starving there. But in recent years, there is a Latin American country that has also been secretly suffering from severe famine.

Venezuela, a socialist country on the north coast of South America, has collapsed in the economy due to the decline in oil values ??and mismanagement from the government over the years. Though the socialist revolution in 1989 first, also began because the people starved. Now the Venezuelan socialist government under the leadership of Nicolas Maduro, again faces with the same situation or even worse.

A prolonged economic crisis has made Venezuelan food supplies on the brink of criticism. In addition to the inability of independent production, the country is even too poor to import food. According to the survey, sadly 87% of Venezuelans today claim to not have enough money to buy food. Hipwee News & Feature wants to share this anxiety with you through some photos depicting the plight of Venezuelans.

1. The deterioration of the economy in Venezuela makes its citizens suffer from hunger, massive demonstrations are carried out, many victims suffer from price because the food is too expensive

2. As a result of this crisis, the price of basic necessities skyrocketed. Even the price of food there is higher than their UMR

3. Miris see it, a grandfather enjoying the mango for lunch as well as breakfast morning, while next to him a man can only watch the grandfather

4. For many years Venezuelans have complained about the lack of food and medicines, while their bolivary salaries and currencies are becoming increasingly eroded.

5. See how hard it is to get daily food in a mini market, even if there is a very expensive price

6. Seen in the mirror image, a child is enjoying a bowl of food he gets from his neighbors

7. A woman cries for her fate. How his country's deteriorating economic conditions changed lives, crushed his heart

8. Even hungry, thin dogs scavenge for food. The owner may be distracted to find food for himself9. A long queue filled the yard of a supermarket in the city of Caracas, they had to fight since morning hungry in the queue for the empty stomachs waiting at home

10. In front of a supermarket, a snatcher was shot dead by his own victim while trying to seize the groceries

11. A citizen's refrigerator is filled with emptiness, food that is hard to come by at a very high price to be the cause

12. In a kitchen from a baker's place, everyone seems busy because outside many people have been waiting for this subsidized meal

13. A man walks into the forest, looking for the beans he once planted in there

14. In the Chacao district of Caracas, a man appears exhausted by long queues at the supermarket while the price of food with better quality does not make sense

Today protests and demonstrations are rolling each day in Venezuela. In fact many end up violence and cause casualties. The Madurese government often lowers the army and squirts tear gas to stifle crazy and uncontrolled mass action. Differences in ideology or political disagreements may be muted by this socialist government, but if it is a matter of stomach, its citizens obviously do not want to give up. Yes how else if hunger, everyone would be rebellious

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