Fashion Artist Style Style Tips Simple Ala Luna Maya

Fashion Artist Style Style Tips Simple Ala Luna Maya

Image source:×355/smart/filters:quality(75):strip_icc():format(jpeg)/liputan6-media-production/medias/30225/big/luna-maya-130826b.jpg – Who is not familiar with this versatile artist. Luna Maya is indeed one of the Indonesian celebrities who inspired many Indonesian women in the field of fashion. Luna is rated as an artist who has a good fashion sense. Launched by (21/10), Luna also share a story about the style of clothing he most enjoyed.

Not only look sexy, Luna apparently has its own style to look good. Luna does tend to choose a simple style but elegant and make women look beautiful.

"I do not really like the excitement, usually for the official event I use the design of Sebastian Gunawan, I like it because the dress is classic, so always make the woman look elegant and beautiful.Although simple but from far already there the attraction center. I wear this, although the color is bright red but there is a decoration sequin, "he said.

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Although a top-class celebrity, but Luna apparently prefer designer clothing design in the country because it is easier to find the desired size. Foreign sizes tend to be too large for its immediate body. In addition to size, designer shirts Indonesia also has more models that fit with the culture in the country.

To increase his knowledge in the field of fashion Luna is quite often visit various fashion events held in various places. He also sometimes took time to fly abroad to attend New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.

"I like to see in Instagram there is what the latest fashion item, if I am also idle, I also look at fashion TV, frankly it helps me to understand the current trend, so I can also apply that style in the fashion brand that I am in," he concluded.

Wah Ladies, if you really want to keep up to date about fashion it's good to listen to various media such as Luna Maya. Hopefully inspired yes!

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