Father Died 4 Years Ago, Today I Received Flowers and His Letter

Father Died 4 Years Ago, Today I Received Flowers and His LetterVemale.com –
It must be sad if we are left the person we love most forever. The loss of someone so precious certainly made life no longer the same. Especially if that goes forever it is beloved father.

Bailey had to give up his father, Michael William Sellers passed away in 2013. As quoted from boredpanda.com, the father died of pancreatic cancer. It was when he knew that his life soon, Michael is preparing something special for Bailey.

Bailey's father died dunie in 2013./Copyright boredpanda.com

Before he died, Michael took time to order special wreaths for Bailey. The bouquet will be delivered every time Bailey birthday until he reaches 21 years. And this year Bailey was 21 years old, meaning this year being the last year he got a "shipment" of flowers from his late father.

Every year Bailey receives a gift from his father./Copyriht boredpanda.com

"After my dad passed away, I hate my birthday and I get excited every year because he always makes it very special," Bailey told the New York Post. He is increasingly excited and anxious when he finally turns 21 years old because this will be his last year to receive a gift from the most special person in his life.

Wreaths from father./Copyright twitter.com/SellersBailey

This year, not just the bouquet that Bailey got. There was a letter his father had handed to him. "I cried, the letter is very very beautiful but also sad at the same time," he explained.

Bailey then uploaded a bouquet of flowers and letters on Twitter. Unexpectedly, the tweet is retweeted more than 350 thousand times and gets like about 1.5 million.

Daddy's love will continue to flow./Copyright boredpanda.com

The letter Michael wrote for his youngest daughter was also very touching. It felt very much how much he loved his daughter. Despite not being able to accompany his days, Michael still gives the best prayer for him."Bailey,
This is the last love letter of dad for you until we meet again. Dad did not want to see you cry for daddy again, my dear because dad's been in a better place. You are always and will continue to be the most beautiful gift that my dad received. Today is your 21st birthday and dad wants you to always respect your mother and be yourself.
Continue to be happy and live life as well as possible. Father will always be with you in every phase of your life, wherever you are the father will always be there.
Dad loves you Boo Boo and happy birthday !!!
– Dad. "

Letter from Bailey's father. / Copyright twitter.com/SellersBailey

Even if our loved ones are gone, their love and affection will always be with us. May we have the time and opportunity to spend our days with our loved ones.

A father will always be the daughter's first love. We pray for our fathers to be healthy and longevity, yes ladies.

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