Faure, Recommend Flora Fauna Indonesia in Fashion

Faure, Recommend Flora Fauna Indonesia in Fashion

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Citizen6, Jakarta Faure is an online boutique created by 11 ITB School of Business and Management students. Starting from a compulsory course project where they were released to create a creative product may now have successfully tried his luck in the domestic market.

Products marketed by Faure are blazers and ladies bags of Indonesian flora and fauna as hallmarks of this brand. The concept is plucked from their desire to realize a real action in introducing the beauty of Indonesian flora and fauna with a message that is too beautiful to be ignored to the community. If not we take the initiative, who else will? the phrase that came out of Faure's team.

The Indonesian flora and fauna motifs that they exhibited were inspired by Rafflesia Arnoldii, Black Orchid, Javan Rhino, Tiger Dahan, Hippopotamus, Cendrawasih, and Peacock Java.

The technique used in the manufacture of blazers and bags of women is also different. Blazers use printing technology on neoprene fabrics while women's bags use emboss techniques.

Faure is not just a brand that moves with profit-oriented purpose only but there is a special mission said Julio, one of Faure's marketing team.

This online boutique works in collaboration with ProFauna Indonesia, an international non-profit, nonprofit organization engaged in the protection of wildlife and forests. A portion of the Faure product sales profits will be donated to ProFauna which will be used to seek conservation of Indonesian wildlife. So every purchase of 1 item, the community has donated 5000 rupiah as a form of support to participate conserve the flora and fauna of Indonesia. This uniqueness has become an attraction that is not yet owned by other local Indonesian brands.

As a fairly young businessman and concerned about the flora and fauna of Indonesia, friends of Faure do not feel pessimistic to try to compete with other famous brands. According to them by having a mature planning and original business concept then the community will by itself enthusiastically and appreciate the work of the nation's children.

Good motivation and leadership in one group led Faure to survive until now even though this compulsory course has ended. Each member feels that Faure's idealism is the main reason for continuing this project plus the effort to build Faure's name and reputation from being accepted into society.

Through this brand, Faure hopes the people of Indonesia start to love and put confidence in the products in the country. With 2 simple-looking things that can motivate the children of Indonesia to continue to create products that innovate and bring the best qualities that are not inferior to imported products.


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