Filling the Narrow Page with the Fruit Plant

Filling the Narrow Page with the Fruit PlantFruits that we enjoy by plucking directly from the garden or yard home with a purchased from the market or fruit mall may value and the impression will be different even though the actual taste and quality of the fruit was no different alias the same.

Talking about the garden or yard is usually our wish to the rural areas where people live in settlements with large land. Each house has a yard or yard that allows one to grow the fruit tree until it can be picked and enjoyed by its fruit.

What about those who live in urban areas, especially for those who live in RS (Simple House / type 36) type homes or even RSS (Very Simple House / type 25). In modest housing, the size of the land and small houses may range from 5.5 X 10 meters to 6 X 12 square meters. The page width is very minimal. The road in front of the house is also not so wide, ranging from 2 to 4 meters.

Usually the owners of these modest houses built up the whole lot of their land because the bedroom or other room is not sufficient for the existing family members that need to be enlarged, consequently hardly any land left. But the name of a hobby or passion gardening (farming) can still be done even if the narrow home page.

I personally, including one of the many people who love to decorate his home page with ornamental plants or fruit trees. We live in a residential area located on the outskirts of Gresik City, East Java. Our house belongs to a simple house class, whatever type it is yes, maybe type 4L (loe again loe again he .. he ..). It is conceivable that the area of ??land and yard must not be as wide as 10 X 20 square meters. But the favorite gardening must go on.

Rooting system of fruit trees planted in the yard will eventually grow creeping and growing so not infrequently resulting in the destruction of the wall of the ditch or road in front of the house. The owner of the tree sometimes also receives complaints from neighbors. Some people who like gardening fruits anticipate it with planting technology in tabulampot (fruit plants in pots). That is, fruit plants grown in large pots but the media planting (soil) and the availability of nutrients are well preserved.

Besides, it should also routinely prunate the trees to be less dense and high, the energy supply (nutrients and other) necessary for vegetative growth (leaves and stems) diverted for generative growth (flowers and fruit). So the plant was quickly bear fruit as normal as if grown-develop in the yard (land) is vast.

For those who are less fond of planting a tabulampot could plant seeds of fruit trees with still not damage the location around the place of growth. For example by planting seeds (grafts) of superior quality. The rapidly evolving genetic engineering technology today produces short but fruitful fruit plant seedlings.

Try to make a deeper planting hole for easy roots to grow and penetrate into the ground. Trees are also not easily uprooted because the strong root system stuck in the ground. Does not spread on the surface so easily damage the road or buildings that exist around the place of growth.

There are many fruit plant seedlings that we can easily plant in every corner of our narrow home page. Fruit tree seedlings that we can also get in the nearest farm shops at affordable prices. Some of them are water guava, mango, sawo, srikaya (Java = menungo), starfruit, strawberries and many more.

Seedlings can also be obtained by growing seeds (seeds) in a small polybag plastic then transferring them into a larger polybag plastic. When we are ready to plant it in the ground of the home page, simply by tearing up the polybag and entering the plant whose roots blend with the polybag medium before the rooting system is not damaged. Or it could also acquire seedlings with branch cuttings, as in strawberries.Treatment is also not too complicated and inconvenient, simply by diligently pruning branches or twigs if the tree is too high, because if allowed to grow rapidly it is feared will disrupt the power lines and damage the house.

Pests are usually white lice that fly and stick behind the leaves. Rain water spraying will actually clean the leaves of this white flea attack. Leaf-eating caterpillars also need to diwaspadi, insecticides that I use usually sevin. Anti ants, nice chalk on the market can also be used to eradicate the caterpillar leaves or white lice earlier. Lime of ants taken to taste crushed then dissolved into water and then spray into the plant body.

The use of liquid fertilizers such as vitabloom or gandasil D (for leaves) and Gandasil B (for fruit) can be combined with insecticides (sevin or other) then dissolved in water placed on a container (timba). Further sprayed into the plant with handsprayer tool.

The house is full of fruit trees in the yard not only looks beautiful, shade and the air generated feels fresh but also the fruit can be enjoyed by the residents of the house.

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