Finally the Rainy Season Comes. For Future Day Stay Fluent, Make Sure 9 Items You Already Prepared

Finally the Rainy

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We're into October. The sign, soon we will welcome the rainy season. Must have been pictured in your mind drowned case to campus, hard to find food, until the critical leak and the threat of viral Dengue Fever. Yes, besides believed to bring blessings, the rainy season is potential to inhibit your activities.

Unfortunately, however, the rainy season is inevitable. Staying how to keep your daily activities is not hampered. Well, the one thing you can do is prepare the items below! What are the items anyway? Read the following article, yuk!

1. Ready Umbrella Before, During, and After Rain Gone

Talk about preparation during the rainy season, of course this thing to be the first mentioned. Umbrella is an essential requirement during the rainy season. This thing can protect your body from wetness, and prevent your head from dizziness due to rain.

Choose an umbrella with a small size that is easy to carry anywhere. Make sure for 6 months ahead, the umbrella is always in your bag, yes.

2. Do not Forget Rubber Sandals If You Do not Want Your Smell!

For you who are motorcyclists or pedestrians, do not forget to always be ready rubber sandals in your bag. If on the way your shoes are wet with rain, you already have an alternative footwear.

Do not leave your feet in wet shoes. Not just your shoes will smell less, your feet too. Circumstances in humid shoes can accelerate the growth of bacteria or perhaps fungi and that is the cause of the presence of unpleasant odors on your feet. Do not you want during this rainy season your feet become smelly?

3. Do not Let Your Body Cold To Fever. Always Provide a Small Towel on the Bag.

Do not let you enter the classroom with the state of wet hair and limp, and a body soaking wet. In addition to disturbing the appearance, allowing your body and hair in a wet state can also make you flu, cough, even to a fever.

Always carry a small towel to help dry your hair and rain-affected body. Do not ever leave your little towel at home yes.4. Lazy Banget If Your Bajum So Wondered Because Wet. Hence, Always Prepare Backup Clothes.

A small towel is enough to dry the body and hair, but what if the clothes you wear also come wet? In order not to be ashamed of wearing a drenched clothes, do not forget to always bring a spare suit when traveling during this rainy season. Not just being a savior, changing clothes as soon as possible can also keep you from catching colds. You can also move smoothly as usual.

5. Plastic Bags Can Be Useful To Store All Your Wet Goods

Shoes, small towels, and drenched clothes do not just sit in the bag. That there will be your bag also wet follow-up. Therefore, always prepare 1 plastic bag in your bag. Use the plastic bag to wrap your shoe, towel, or rain-soaked suit. Your bag will stay dry and tidy.

6. So You Are Not Hungry or Crumpled Stomach, Always Provide Nutritious Instant Food

Not sure when the rain will come down often makes us difficult to find food outside. Especially if you are boarding children. To anticipate not to have trouble finding food, prepare an instant supply of food in your room.

Choose durable foods, such as instant noodles, instant cream soup, nuggets, sausages, and eggs. These foods will not be stale any time soon. You will not be bothered wet to find food when the rain situation, deh.

7. Do not Want Romantic Romantic-Romantic Dark-Room in the Room? Always Provide Candles and Flashlights!

In the rainy season there is often a sudden power outage. Especially when it rains. This is usually due to lightning strikes or fallen trees and overwrites the power cord.

Well, so as not to be dark-dark in the boarding room, you need to provide alternative lighting devices such as candles and flashlights. For candles, provide enough in the amount so that later you do not have to be inconvenience if your boarding power off again.

8. Intake of Vitamin C to Increase Body ResistanceDuring the rainy season, the air will be more humid than usual. Not to mention the puddle of water that everywhere can trigger the growth of Aedes Aegepty mosquito larva. If your immune system is not well preserved, you might get a persistent flu. Or worse, contracted Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever virus.

To keep your body condition fit, consume vitamin C every day. Just 1 point after you have breakfast in the morning. Do not miss it, because it is important to help maintain your body resistance.

9. Two-piece Raincoat

For pedestrians, umbrellas are necessary to always be brought every day. But for the bikers, the raincoat should always be ready in the trunk. Choose a raincoat that consists of two parts, body parts and legs. It will better protect your body from the rain. In addition, the two-piece raincoats are also safer because of the possibility to get caught in the wheels of the motor will be smaller.

That's some stuff you need to prepare so that your wet season is not so gray. Are there any other items that Hipwee forgot to mention? Add in comment field, yes. Welcome to the rainy season!

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