Finger Hand Form – Ramal Character and Career

Finger Hand Form - Ramal Character and Career [/ caption] He said hand and finger shape can show character a person, also a job or career that suits the person concerned. It is said that the shape of the palm of the hand and the finger of the man there are 4 types, hands of earth / earth fire hand, hand water and air hand. Curious yes? hehehe, you know baseball huh? okay, okay … here it is: ONE: Land / Earth Hand. Practical. (Figure A). The shape of his palm is four square with short fingers. Usually who have hands like this form, is a practical type, grounded and pragmatic. Hardworking and reliable, but tend to be conservative, procedural and unimaginative. When released from his regular routine, he becomes confused. How to communicate naively and insensitive. He lived life as it is and simple straightforward thinking, rationale, more common sense. Extremely diligent to follow discipline and obey rules and power. This type is commonly found in the Police and Armed Forces TWO: Fire Hand. Intuitive. (Figure: B) The shape of a rectangular palm with short fingers. The owner is smart, smart, energetic, dynamic, and nimble. Their antithetical and cheerful attitudes can infect others. Their presence can generate a sense of optimism and excitement. Their performance increases when it comes to attention and admiration. Most of them work in showbiz and entertainment and are happiest in action. It is a tough individual, positive, fun and flexible to lead, and they can inspire and motivate their subordinates. They are also candidates for record-breaking and achievers in their respective fields. Many can achieve the best achievement because they have unlimited energy. Always ready to lead a very competitive life on the fast track. The danger if they are not good at braking themselves, they can easily stumble. THREE: Sensitive Water Hands. (Figure C) Rectangular palms with long fingers. Her personality is sensitive, emotional, and irritable. They are thoughtful and contemptuous. The least materialistic type. They are gentle, passive, spiritual, and tend to live in awing-awang. Very creative and artistic, many are interested in the world of music and art. Generally tasteful in art and aesthetics. They can endure hours of tampering with a complicated detail. If they are not artists, they are recruiting professions in the field of humanitarian service to channel their delicate properties. This type is least resistant to stress, can only work in a quiet environment, because the calm and regularity is their happiness. They are not suitable when dealing with worldly things. Because it is easily influenced, you should be careful with powerful parties with malicious intent. FOUR: Intellectual Air Hand (Figure D) Four-square palm shape with long fingers. A great life communicator, brilliant and sharp with insatiable curiosity. Often involved with something busy around them. Computers and all hi-tech equipment caught their attention. The work that fits them – the challenging and the one step ahead. Variations and changes are a good meal for them but do not tell them to sit down to something they get bored with the routine. His favorite is related to the wider community. No wonder they often work in the media, publishing businesses or the tourist industry that opens opportunities to develop their skills. In general, they have an emotional balance. Their ability to control these feelings is often interpreted as cold and distant. Hayo, looking at each other's hands and in matching huh? I think this is a lot more benernya lho many of my friends who say so. Okay, my good hope, trusted to add a sense of confidence and suggestion but which we are less willing to fix. so aja kok bother. Happy Sunday for all friends in Kompasiana may be happy always a family. The heart of the author keep health n love U.

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