Fire Back Against Forest in Borneo

Fire Back Against Forest in, Banana Island – Entering the dry season, forest and land fires again hit Central Kalimantan. One of them occurred in Pulang Pisau Regency. The area of ??burned area reached 40 hectares in Sebangau Kuala Subdistrict.

Chief Executive of the Central Kalimantan Fire and Disaster Control Agency (Kaltim BPMPK), Darliansyah, explained that his office has deployed three helicopters of water bombing and one patrol helicopter to extinguish fires in Pulang Pisau Regency.

"The fire started on Thursday (14 September 2017), but because there was no rain, the fire continued to burn, so it was decided the next day (Friday, 15 September 2017) was unloaded by a helicopter ground team," he said when contacted by , Sunday, September 17, 2017.

However, Darliansyah continued, given the difficulty of the terrain and no road access, the team had to carry water by helicopter. The ground troops deployed by helicopter are 25 people consisting of 19 people from the province and nine people from Pulang Pisau Regency.

"Thank God today (Sunday 17/7/2017), the fire has succeeded we are extinguished.However, the field team continues to extinguish what we termed by the name of the blackout, so as not to arise a new fire," said Darliansyah.

From the data BPBPK Central Kalimantan, at present there are at least about 263 villages throughout Central Kalimantan is prone to the occurrence of forest fires and land. For that reason, according to Darliansyah, his side keep monitoring and preventing fires occurring, and educate the community to participate in preventing forest and land fires in their area.

"Moreover, almost 14 districts / cities of Semarang have applied emergency standby for forest and land fire, so we keep monitoring on the ground to prevent land fires," he said.

After almost two weeks of no rain, last night the rain began to wet the city of Palangkaraya. Although not heavy, this rain is able to remove dust, especially on the road.

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