Fish Alligator Found in Middle Flood Pondok Labu Area

Fish Alligator Found

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Invasive carnivorous fish species, alligators, were found amid floods that hit Gang Melati area, Pondok Labu village, Cilandak, South Jakarta, two weeks ago.

American and Mexican fish were then accommodated in a pond owned by residents.

It looks like a crocodile-headed fish that the citizen found was approximately 0.5 meters long with a gray-gray color.

This fish is shown by citizens of Gang Melati to KompasTV Journalist, Aiman ??Witjaksono, in the event titled Waspada in South Jakarta that broadcasted by KompasTV on Monday (29/8/2016) night.

Well if you bite the hand, can break, said a resident who found the fish.

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To the residents, Aiman ??advised that the findings of this alligator fish be reported to the local village chief.

As the name suggests, the head of an alligator's head resembles a crocodile's head. Fish that can reach lengths of 3 meters or more are carnivorous, or eat other fish.

These fish include those banned from entering Indonesia. In nature, the existence of invasive fauna such as this alligator fish has a short and long-term impact on the ecosystem.

In the short run, native flora-fauna will be reduced, while its long-term impact is extinction without having time to utilize biodiversity.

The deadly floodIn two weeks ago, Pondok Labu area was flooded due to overflow of Kali Krukut. The flood this time swallowed a casualty.

It is Dursen (66), a local resident, who was found dead by a landslide buried by streams.

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Flooding occurred again in Pondok Labu area last week. Heavy rain that flooded the area of ??South Jakarta since Saturday (17/08/2016) afternoon to afternoon make the Road Wildlife, Gang Melati II, RT 08 and 09, RW 02, Pondok Labu Village, Cilandak, submerged water as high as 1.5 meters.

According to residents, floods in the area where he lived was the impact of the amblasnya beronjong channel PHB Pinang Kali Jati which leads to Kali Krukut in Gang Melati II.

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To Aiman, a resident, Gimin, said that the height of the water that soaked the settlement during floods in Gang Melati two weeks ago reached the adult's chest.

Up to a week after the flood, Gimin said that many residents have not cleaned up their furniture for fear that the flood will come again.

This week the house is still wet, the mattress is still wet, so sleep on the floor only, Gimin said.

He also hopes there is real help from the government to immediately handle flooding in Pondok Labu area.

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