Flona 2015 ‘Harum Nursery’, Offer Superior Durian Seedlings

Flona 2015 'Harum

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JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM Agribusiness exhibition entitled Flora and Fauna (Flona) 2105 was held again this year at Lapangan Banteng, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. The show itself has been opened on Friday (18/9) then and will last a full month ahead.

The exhibition was enlivened by 166 stands of ornamental plants, fruit plants, herbs and pets, 14 booth members of the Indonesian Orchid Association (PAI) consisting of nine provinces, namely Jambi, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Lampung, Papua, Aceh, East Kalimantan, Banten and West Papua. Including 12 booths from five municipal areas and SKPS supporting the exhibition.

One of the fruit plant stands in the event Flona 2015 is Ahmad. Under the umbrella of Harum Nursery, Ahmad expressed his great hope in this Flona title.

Nursery we have been following this Flona event 3 times. I hope the sale of our durian seeds can increase more than in previous years, "Ahmad said when met JITUNEWS.COM, Monday (9/21).

Harum Nursery is one of the providers of various seeds and durian fruit based in Serpong, Tangerang. The durian varieties of seeds that became its flagship today are durian Musangking, Cane / Bawaor, Ochee / Black Duri, Bamboo Food, and Kanyo. All durian seeds developed by Harum Bursery are introduced durian seeds from Malaysia and Thailand.

Durian seeds sold Harum Nursery is derived from the grafting system, grafting, and grafting. According to Ahmad, from the 5 varieties of durian is the most genjah is a variety Cane / Bawor. About price, Ahmad said that the price is set differently for each variety and size.

Durian seeds are sold differently each variety and size. Seedlings are sold starting size 50-60 cm to 3 meters high. The price starts from Rp 50 thousand to Rp 2.5 million. The most expensive now is the seed of Ochee durian / Duri Hitam, small seed size of 50 cm we sell Rp 150 thousand, beber Ahmad.

When mentioned about the maintenance of durian seeds, Ahmad said that the treatment is not troublesome. Seeds that have been purchased can not be directly planted in the soil, but must be done land processing first.

Before the durian seedlings are planted we must prepare the first planting hole that is processed with fertilizer. Well, two weeks later new seedlings are planted. If you want to garden, the treatment should be more intensive again, he said.

Ahmad further said, durian seeds are grown and given intensive care for at least 4 years have started to learn to flower.

If we plant the seeds of size 40 cm only, with the support of good care for at least 4 years have begun to learn flowering. Usually the first year fall, second year 2-3 grains, next year 2 times. From the flowers until the fruit depends on the area, depending on the height as well. If the hot area is approximately 160 days after flowering, the fruit can already harvest. If the cold area is longer, he concluded.Questioning the particular tips to bury the durian, Ahmad argued that he had no special tips.

Special tips I do not think exist. If the treatment remains standard. The point is if we want to plant durian, we must have high seriousness. Do not just planting, ditinggalin, watered sekedarnya, kayak planting another fruit, it can not be applied in durian. I also do not recommend using hormonal treatment and the like, because in the future not good, said Ahmad.

Well, besides selling durian seeds, it turns out Harum Nursery also focus on developing durian gardens owned in the area Cigudeg, Bogor, West Java. The garden area itself is about 6 hectares.

We also have a durian garden in Cigudeg, Bogor. Varieties planted 5 durian earlier. If the matter of productivity of his own durian tree, back again depending on varieties. Ideally, a durian tree can produce 150-200 kg of durian fruit, Ahmad explained.

As if not satisfied to develop the seeds and durian fruit, Harum Nursery also apparently expanded by developing processed durian such as pancakes, juices, pia, chips, ice cream, etc ..

Incidentally in this area of ??Jabodetabek we have 6 outlets durian restaurant, his name House Durian Harum. There we jajakan durian fruit following various processed durian, he said berpromosi.

Well, for those of you who are interested in developing durian, or even want to taste various processed durian, just come to stand Harum Nursery at Flona 2015 exhibition arena this time yes! Happy hunting durian! (Riana / Jitunews) [/ caption]

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