Flood Predicted Not Disturb National Rice Production

Flood Predicted Not Disturb National Rice ProductionFloods that hit several regions in the country, especially on the island of Java are not expected to disrupt national rice production this year.

"The national target will not interfere with food security," said Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono after a plenary cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office here on Monday.

According to him, the amount of rice fields that puso or harvest failure due to floods around 43,000 ha or still below the average land area puso average of five years ie 50,000 ha. "So the puso is still relatively normal," he added.

The minister said it has estimated the amount of puso land in this year's rice production target of 240,000 ha. "Target area of ??land is 12.240 million ha.We count 240,000 which will fail to harvest or puso," he said.

However, the floods that occur will be detrimental to farmers locally, for that the government will provide free seed and fertilizer in the near future so that farmers can re-plant rice after flooding in dry fields.

"In the medium to long term, steps will be taken to rescue the watershed to prevent flooding with reforestation, while irrigation, dikes and reservoirs will be repaired," he said.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Economy Boediono in the same place said in the session President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked to involve local governments in realizing food security.

"Food security needs to involve the local government because the key is in the region." Food stocks must be sufficient in all regions, "he said.

In addition, in the first plenary session in 2008, President Yudhoyono requested that a clear indicator be made for economic growth, price stability, unemployment and poverty in each region.

"Later the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) which will formulate it as the performance of each region," he said. (kpl / rit)

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