Flora and Fauna Extinct, Biodiversity Disturbed, Responsibility Who

Flora and Fauna Extinct, Biodiversity Disturbed, Responsibility Who

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Lately we often hear about endangered or extinct species of animals or flora, especially on this Indonesian Earth. For example, Bali tiger (Panthera tigris balica) was already extinct because often hunted for the skin that is used as decoration.

The distance of Bali (Leucopsar rothchildi) has also entered critically endangered status, the ecologically extinct Sumatran Tiger, Orangutans in Sumatra and Kalimantan which have lost 63% of their habitat, and the powerful and sturdy Umbrella Leaves (Johannesteijsmannia altifrons) the roof of the house was already threatened species because of the habitat that began a little because it has been transferred into residential land and agriculture.

The above-mentioned flora and fauna are only a few from dozens to hundreds of other species threatened in our beloved Indonesia. Our biodiversity is also threatened by the extinction and endangerment of these species. Therefore, humans must also contribute to the problem of biodiversity.

We, humans, are often the cause of the destruction of biodiversity, humans are deserved to be natural managers-in the sense of not only taking advantage of nature, but also maintaining, managing and nurturing nature properly. Biodiversity is of great importance, not only to humans, but also to all beings on earth. To find out more about biodiversity, its benefits, and how to guard it, let's look at the above poster.

If not we who keep the nature of Indonesia, who else? Do we want the generation after we no longer enjoy Indonesia's diverse, unique and beautiful nature? Of course not, no. Let's take part and keep the biodiversity together.

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