Flora and Fauna of North Sulawesi Superior in a Batik Sheet

Flora and Fauna

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Charge time awaiting flight departure from Sam Ratulangi International Airport Manado, I observed batik on display at souvenir shops. Interesting besides typical cloth by Manado souvenir, Minahasa Bumi Nyiur Melambai is kerawang embroidery and cloth of bentenan there is batik with flora motif (Rerouwan) and fauna (Resouan) interesting. Excellence fauna flora, superior natural potential and mainstay of North Sulawesi is poured in a piece of batik cloth

Fauna Identity of North Sulawesi

The North Sulawesi identity fauna is a Tarsier tarsier with the local name of the tangkasi. Tangkasi, a small-sized primate with gray hair, has a pair of large eyes as a nocturnal creature on the move at night. Living in the trees and the population is threatened to decline by deforestation. Conservation efforts are being undertaken. Hopefully with batik with tarsier image elements increase awareness to protect this North Sulawesi identity fauna. In addition to elements of Tangkasi there are also pictures of owls and Anoa.

Nyiur Earth Waving

The name of the coconut earth waving illustrates how important the coconut plant (Cocos nucifera L.) is for the Minahasa citizens. Based on the "Plantation Statistics Indonesia Coconut Commodities 2014-2016", in 2014 North Sulawesi has 263,915 ha of coconut plantation consisting of 33,571 ha of unproductive plantation 216,208 ha productive gardens and 14,136 ha of damaged gardens with total production of 274,409 tons. Its productivity reached 1.269 Kg / ha exceeding national productivity of 1,135 Kg / ha. This coconut plant became the life of 194,615 peasants.

Minahasa soar with copra, typical snapper clapertart made from young coconut and walnuts are delicious. The local potential is rich with the local wisdom of how each piece of coconut plant is of high value. Many events in human life are attached to the symbol of cengkir (very young coconut) and janur (young coconut leaves). As a tribute and hope of the people of North Sulawesi on coconut hence pinned in batik motif.

When Clove Flowering

The clove plant (Syzigium aromaticum) is one of the rich plants with the blessing as well as the long journey of the traitorous story. Starting from the era of occupation to intricate trade regulation. Clove plants are still the mainstay of North Sulawesi's plantation products. Almost all parts of the plant contain essential oils and the most valuable plant part is the flower. When the flowering clove is when the hearts of clove growers flower the hope of prosperity.

Based on the Plantation Statistics of Indonesia Commodity of Cloves 2014 – 2016, in 2014 North Sulawesi has 74,900 ha of clove plantation consisting of 19,700 ha of immature plantation gardens, 48,378 ha productive gardens and 6,822 ha of damaged gardens with total production of 8,318 tons. Its productivity reached 172 kg / ha is much lower than the national productivity of 392 Kg / ha even from Sulawesi region which reached 380 Kg / ha. This clove plant became the life of 72,066 farmers.

Of course it takes determination, hard work and cooperation from many parties to improve the productivity of this clove commodity. Batik with elements of this beautiful clove flowers would be sesanti, encouragement together so that the heyday of cloves approached the Earth Nyiur Melambai

Prestigious Nutmeg RiceNutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is of high value as a spice, one of the most important commodities of commerce. The part of the plant that is harvested and high economic value is the seeds, seed or fuli salute and flesh. When the ripe fruit, skin and fruit flesh open and show the seeds wrapped in a beautiful red mace. Nature teaches patience to wait when the fruit is ready to harvest with optimal results.

Based on the Plantation Statistics of Indonesia Commodity Nutmeg 2015 – 2017, in 2015 North Sulawesi has 19,374 ha (8,712 ha productive) of nutmeg plantation entirely in the form of smallholder plantation, with total production of 4,321 tons. Its productivity reaches 496 kg / ha exceeds the national productivity of 479 Kg / ha. This nutmeg plant became the foundation of the life of 25,953 peasants.

The Minahasan people are preoccupied with the warmth of this prestigious spice in one of its batik elements. May the nutments remain the achievements and prestige of the estate subsector and elements of the Minahasa earth's welfare.

Enjoying the elements of fauna (Tangkasi, Owls and Anoa) and flora (Cloves, Coconut and Nutmeg) is a clever and wise way of proclaiming the superiority of Fauna Flora of North Sulawesi in a Batik Sheet.

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