Flory, Homestay Village Ornamental Plants Tourism with Fish Therapy Pond

Flory, Homestay Village

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta More and more Tourism Villages with homestay residents are worth a visit in Sleman, Yogyakarta. Tourist attractions are diverse and unique attraction made for a new tourist village. Like this Village Village Flory Tourism. Kampung Flory located in Dusun Jugang, Pangukan, Tridadi, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region, rely on agriculture, fishery and plantation cultivation.

One of the uniqueness, in this place visitors can do fish therapy. Here is a very large fish therapy pool. And not just one location. There are a number of pools provided for this fish therapy. Places to sit in the form of stones of times arranged on the edge or the middle of the pool.

With an area of ??4 hectares, Kampung Flory provides berbgai homestay facilities Village Tourism complete. There are two kinds of homestay service. Live-in at home residents there are 10 units. And Homestay Ayem-Ayem located in Kampung Flory area there are 4 units.

"For the meeting, there is Limasan with 200 people capacity in Sekretariat, one unit of Joglo Limasan Kembar with capacity of 300 people and two units of Omah Kampung with the capacity of 80. Then there are 22 bathroom units," explained Atun, officer of Flory Village Secretariat, Saturday (1 / 4/2017).

Vehicle parking facilities are also very roomy. Can accommodate 4 large buses, 60 cars, 100s motorcycles. The 4 hectare land is divided into 3 zones. Zona 1 "Taruna Tani" of 1 Hectare is engaged in the business of ornamental plants, fruit plants and culinary.

Zona 2 "Dewi Flory" covering 1 Hectare as a tourist village area that provides lodging services (homestay), outbound and agribusiness entrepreneurship training. "Zone 3 Agro Bush 2 hectares presents bush direct picking tours, educational tours and environmental conservation," added Atun.

According to the Treasurer of Kampung Flory Sutrisno Widiyanto, the establishment of this agricultural tourism, in order to attract young people back to be attracted to the world of agriculture that is able to provide prosperity.

According to him, Flory Village Tourism was pioneered as a center for nurseries and cultivation of superior fruit plants and ornamental plants to supply the needs of plants in DIY.

"Flory village was pioneered since two years ago because we want to be a center of ornamental plant seeds and fruits in DIY," he said.

In addition, Kampung Flory is expected to become the new flagship mascot in DIY region. This effort has begun to appear the result. The schedule of this April visit is quite solid. A number of schools are scheduled to outbound in Kampung Flory. There are only 30 students up to 200 children.

In Kampung Flory that utilizes the village's cash soil visitors can learn about the world of agriculture. Know the types of plants, how to care, to how to arrange decorative plants in the yard of the house. There is also an educative garden, fruit plants / flowers in pots (tabulampot), vegetables, and family medicinal plants."The big trees that are here, we give the signature of his name, if for the" memedi "(ghost) of the rice field, the number 31. To highlight that this is the world of agriculture," he said.

He said visitors also need not doubt about the knowledge of educators in this place. Everything is young and diverse background, but has gotten plenty of debriefing. "We have been able to debrief from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Sleman regency, and also help from the province of Yogyakarta," he said.

Flory Village Tour is open daily from 08.00 to 21.00. Without a day off, except when it's a big holiday. "In the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm, it can still enjoy the culinary delights, here there are typical dishes of` iwak kali` (river fish), "he said.

The price offered is fairly standard for the price of food disebuah restaurant in the tourist area. Overall Kampung Flory can be an alternative choice of traveling with the family while looking at ornamental plants, fish therapy or outbound activities.

What is said Minister of Foreign Affairs Arief Yahya heard greget and spirit of citizens to build homestay, tourist village with all the creations that become a special attraction for tourists it?

"Good! Creative! Compact, and form a more thriving tourism ecosystem," said Minister Arief.

Furthermore, Minister Arief Yahya suggested that all homestays and tourist villages will soon be merged and register to ITX, for digitization. ITX or Indonesia Tourism Xchange is a digital market place, or online marketplace that brings together suppliers and distributors or buyers – sellers into one platform.

"Thus, the tourism industry, whether homestays, tourist villages, access, attractions and amenitas can meet global markets from anywhere in the world directly," said Arief Yahya.

They have access to international markets, both wholeseller and individual travelers. They will get the facilities of websites that have commerce, to promote and be a window for tour packages are made. They also at once get a booking system and payment engine.

"So direct transact via online, and free technological facilities," said Minister Arief who former President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia.


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