Focus Only The Struggle On Your Ascent

Focus Only The Struggle On Your Ascent

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Humans in the fate of living in pairs. No one disowned that. I as a man often hear the saying I will fight for anyone he, who accompanied me while climbing. Not that he's waiting for the peak

He who accompanied me while climbing once you can, do not let go. because when you're at the top, you never know who really wants to climb higher up with you or just taste the delights at the top.

The above sentence is familiar to us. The sentence is not wrong. But think again.

It's true, he's keeping you company while climbing. But it is not a guarantee that he will accompany you (also) when peaked there. The exhaustion he experienced during a long ascent with you could have made him unable to refuse the offer given by other climbers to rest in the "comfort" of their tent. Whether it's temporary or for a long time, no one can be sure.

When a person is tired, then finds a place to rest when the body is overpowered, it is human. There's nothing wrong with her. You are entitled to it. That way, both yourself and you have the same chance. Whether he or herself is (or is) unable to refuse the offer of a resting place given by other climbers when it reaches the summit.

Then what about the one who waits for you at the top? If he waits for a peak, does not that mean he's at the top first? And waiting for you? Maybe that's how I interpret the sentence to wait at the top.

Just as before, he also did climbing. It's just that the time and place he chooses is different from you, that's why he did not keep you company while climbing. Of course he would also be exhausted and may not be able to refuse the offer of a place to rest given by other climbers. However, it is only temporary. Because, on top of there he is waiting for you.

Who will you fight for? Confused? Focus only on the struggle against your ascent, that's the goal. Regardless of who will be with you at the peak there later. Whether he accompanied him or herself, no one is sure. This is about the heart that has its own logic and rules.

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