For the sake of Athletes, Personal Vehicles are forbidden to enter ahead of the 2018 Asian Games

For the sake

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Do not claim to be a sportsman if you do not know what the name of the sports party will be held next year. Yup, Asian Games 2018. Reportedly Jakarta and Palembang have been chosen to be the two cities where the race was held. Last August, in Jakarta and Palembang, there was an opening and countdown of the 2018 Asian Games performances. This means that if counted from today, less than a year away the sporting event will begin.

Indonesia as the host certainly did not want to leave a bad impression for athletes or spectators who come from all over Asia. Currently the government of DKI and Palembang, began to fix their infrastructure such as public transportation, highways, and various public places. It was also reported that all private vehicles would be banned from Jakarta before and during the event. Said he made improving air quality and reduce congestion. But really just fit the Asian Games aja? More details, see this Hipwee News & Feature review.

This is the reason the government prohibits private vehicles through Jakarta during the 2018 Asian Games take place

Quoted Kompas, Dasrul Chaniago, Director of Air Pollution Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry said that the ban was made so that later the athletes can perform optimally during the match. According to him, poor air quality will make the lungs can not work optimally so that athletes will get tired quickly. Starting from a month before the Games, Jakarta will be secured from emissions of private vehicles. This way previously also been done Beijing when hosting the 2008 Olympics.

Actually, not just athletes who have the right to breathe clean air and avoid the congestion, ordinary people also have the right to live comfortably

We are notabene are human, actually also have the right to live in a comfortable environment you know, one of which is free from pollution or congestion. Pollution if not addressed will obviously affect the health of the body, both short and long term. While congestion will increase the risk of stress and depression. Unfortunately really good policy but only applied when there is a grand event aja. After that pulled again, jam-stuck again, pollution again. How do you think?

Look at our neighboring Singapore. The government there does not even hesitate to ban private cars across the highway from February 2018 tomorrow

If you look at this Singapore policy should be able to make us literate that now is no longer the age of racing to buy a new car. Hey, it's just going to add pollution and congestion you know! Imagine aja if in a city in a day there are 100 people buy a new car. How much if it adds up to 1 year? Lots really right? Not to mention if it gets stuck, complain about it. Hmm, man

Well, the Singapore government is no longer willing to give relief for residents who have private cars. Unmitigated, quoted by Tempo, starting in February 2018 tomorrow they are targeting the growth of private vehicles there must be zero percent. They have increased the cost of buying cars and complicating their ownership rules. Certainly the price of motor vehicles there will be super expensive. Consumers have to wait for the quota to be allowed to have a new car or motorcycle, because for the amount of filing a new vehicle purchase must be equivalent to the number of vehicles of the old version destroyed. As a regulatory solution, Singapore will improve public transport infrastructure and services.

London is no less cares about this private vehicle. They up to set the cost of poison for the owners you know

Another Singapore, another London. Quoted from Compass, the city government to apply the cost of toxic or known as the T-charge (toxic charge) so that air there free of air pollution. The T-charge requires that the vehicle output before 2006 be fueled by gasoline or diesel, to pay 10 Pounds Sterling every passing through certain areas of London. Before any T-charge is, they are actually burdened with the obligation to pay 11.5 pounds for the cost of congestion. So the total cost when crossing those areas between 07.00-18.00 is about Rp383.000! With this policy is expected there will be residents will switch to environmentally friendly model vehicles.Yes, yes, indeed if compared to the same in Indonesia is still very far away. But yes at least by looking at the various efforts of developed countries to overcome traffic jams and pollution, can make us encouraged to do the same, right?

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