For the sake of clean air, Dayak collect a thousand coins to overcome the haze

For the sake

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The increasingly heavy smoke cloud makes Palangka Raya residents increasingly restless. Their health condition is threatened because the clean air is getting less to be inhaled, the activity is hampered.

In response, the Dayak Traditional Council (DAD) Central Kalimantan along with elements of the people of Central Kalimantan held a peaceful action of the Thousand Coins Movement in the Great Roundabout, Palangka Raya. The action was held, because the smoke haze in Central Kalimantan is getting thicker, while the center's attention is considered less than optimal.

Reporting from the Palangkaraya provincial press release on Wednesday (21/10), the Thousand Coins Movement is a movement to raise funds from residents to help the fire-fighting team that has been trying to extinguish the fire.

"Whatever funds raised will be handed over to the President as a form of sympathy for the people of Central Kalimantan," said Chairman of DAD Central Kalimantan Sabran Achmad.

Meanwhile, as revealed by the Secretary of DAD of Central Kalimantan, Yuliandra Dedi Lampe, through this Thousand Coins Movement, they are suing President Joko Widodo to optimize smoke control in Kalimantan, including additional fleet of water bombers.

The action started at around 08.00 WITA followed by a thousand of Palangkaraya residents, including students and religious and art communities, such as Borneo Institute, Save Borneo, Anti-Smoke Movement and others. In the action, they also collect signatures from the public to support the delivery of aspirations to the Central Government.

Meanwhile, the funds collected from the peaceful action spearheaded by DAD Kalteng and NGO CIMTROP is worth Rp 16,696,750 with details, as follows: banknotes Rp 1,000Rp 100,000 worth Rp 9,572,000 and coins Rp 25Rp 1,000 worth Rp 7,124,750 .

The funds collected have been submitted to the Acting Governor of Central Kalimantan, Hadi Prabowo at the Governor's Office on the same day to be immediately forwarded to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK) and the Ministry of Health. [tyo]

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