For the sake of Enough Rest, Rework Your Bedroom With These 11 Tricks!

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According to research, the condition around the bedroom will greatly affect the quality of sleep a person. In fact, many things that turned out to escape our attention and it really determines the quality of your sleep every day. For example, whatever items you put in the bedroom to how you choose your sleeping lights.

Jennifer Adams, an interior expert and author of Bedrooms That Inspire: Rest, Relaxation & Romance has tricks that might inspire you. In this article Hipwee tried to share the tricks to redecorate your bedroom so that even more quality sleep can be found. Immediately see, yuk!

1. Because using LED lights at night can make you sick eyes, better use halogen lamp only

LED lights are energy efficient, but often the light is too bright to look like light during the day. If you use LED lights in the room, you may find it difficult to sleep. Although you can close your eyes, maybe your sleep will not be how well aka less qualified.

It would be better to choose a lamp that is customary for your bedroom. For example, you can use light bulbs or halogens that are a little more wasteful of electricity but the light is quite dim. Especially for bedside lamps, you should use a dimmer that can adjust the intensity of light.

2. You need quality sleep, so keep gadgets and electronic devices out of your reach

We already know that television and smartphones produce blue light that can interfere with the natural production of melatonin in the body. This is one that will disrupt the quality of our sleep. So, keep your electronic stuff or gadget out of your reach. At least do not use those things 1-2 hours before bed so that your rest time is not in vain.

3. Install the layered curtains to block the entry of light during day and night

Case put curtains will also greatly affect the quality of your sleep you know. Do you get a good night's sleep, or do you sleep just sleeping overnight but wake up many times? Well, you should install the curtain in 2 layers, so you can use it as needed. For example, during the day you can use one layer just to keep your room bright. While at night you have used the lights, you can close two curtains at once.

4. Position determines comfort, so make sure your room is free from the noises that can distort your rest time

For those of you who live in a crowded neighborhood, may have to be a little patient. The reason, you may be difficult to sleep due to interrupted by the noises that sounded up to the room. For example, the sound of passing vehicles or because it is adjacent to the nightlife venues.In addition, it could be the noise came from your roommate who likes to snore or noisy while sleeping. Well one way you can do is to use a fan. Besides being able to adjust the temperature in your room, consistent fan sounds will help you to fall asleep. And if you're lucky to live in a quiet environment, enjoy your sleeping time comfortably.

5. Trim your bed every morning, so after work you will not have to clean up again

Tidying up the bed every morning makes you feel comfortable when at the end of the day back to the room. When fatigue after work or college, it would be nice if it can go into the room neat and not messy.

If you have a pet, it's better to put your pet outside the room. Moreover, if you let them in the room while you are away, it is certain that they will ruffle your bed sheet and your room.

6. Bedding hygiene is also worth noting. Change the sheets in your room once a week to make your sleep more comfortable

Many do not realize that regularly changing bed sheets once a week has an impact on sleep quality. Sheets that are rarely replaced will be dirty and smelly so as to make your rest time can not be maximized, especially if pets also often sleep with you. We recommend replacing the bed linen at least once a week. With a clean and fragrant bed linen certainly your sleep will feel more comfortable right?

7. For the wall of the room, you should select a soft-colored paint or wallpaper with a simple motif

If you want to have a quality sleep time, you should choose a wall paint color is more calm or soft. White, light blue, gray, or pastel colors can be chosen according to your wishes. Meanwhile, if you want to use wallpaper in your bedroom, you should choose a simple motive and avoid wall motifs that are too crowded. Soft wall paint colors and simple wallpaper motifs will make your room quieter, making it perfect for a rest.

8. Fragrances can also create a comfortable atmosphere. Use aromatherapy candles or spray the room deodorizer

In addition to the room decoration arrangement, comfortable atmosphere can also be raised if you use aromatherapy candles or room deodorizer in the room. Instead, choose fragrances such as lavender or jasmine whose aroma has a function to boost mood. Do not choose the aroma that is too refreshing like oranges because you can be sure that you will awake overnight because of the fragrance of your room too piercing the nose.

9. Cool room temperatures will be easier to make you sleepMany people choose to take a bath before going to bed because this method is considered to help the body to relax. In fact, the bath can actually raise the body temperature resulting in trouble to sleep.

Well, rather than getting used to bathing at night that actually interfere with your sleep cycle, you should make your room to be a little colder than usual. As the temperature of the room and your body temperature decreases, you are guaranteed to sleep easier. But if you take a shower before bed is already a difficult habit you eliminate, try to bathe at least 30 minutes earlier than your bedtime.

10. Clean or dry the pillows and mattress for the quality of your sleep is not disturbed dust

Many people have trouble sleeping because they do not know that they are actually allergic to dust. Worse, the dust is actually attached to mattresses, pillows, bolsters, or blankets that are used every day. As a result, they will wake up in the morning in a state of exhaustion because during the night they can not sleep soundly.

That's why you're supposed to clean your bedding every weekend. Especially for pillows should be replaced at least once a year and the mattress every 10 years no matter how comfortable your pillow and mattress it.

11. Choosing furniture in the room should also be wise, because the quality of your sleep can be more excellent if putting things as needed

Actually you just need a little stuff in the room to make you sleep more comfortable. A bed, two sitting lights, and a chair can actually be enough. Cabinets, mirrors, or other furniture you can actually put in a different room if it is possible. In principle, the less stuff you put in the bedroom, the more qualified your rest time.

In short, the bedroom is made for you to sleep then make it as comfortable as possible. Prioritize the quality of your sleep because it will affect your work productivity and your body's balance. Well, good luck trying the tricks above, yes!

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