For the sake of Government Renegotiation to Hold IPPKH Freeport

For the sake

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In order to support the government's struggle led by the ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in making efforts to review the contract of work of PT. Freeport (FI), Ministry of Forestry through Minister Zulkifli Hasan has granted disposition to postpone the granting of License of Land Use Permit (IPPKH) to freeport, to wait until the review of renegotiation of KK is completed

Based on the legal facts of forest use permits to freeport, has been contained in the attachment of Presidential Decree No.41 of 2004, the government noted that freeport has 2 types of COW. The first Contract of Work Generation I (April 7, 1967) is currently entering the production stage of 10,000 hectares of copper, gold and minerals in Mimika, Papua.

However, freeport already existed in Papua before the Forestry Law N0.41 was made in 1999. Thus, freeport companies oversee 13 companies were granted the rights to free use of the protected forest. However, this time is no longer free. The 200,000 hectares will be renegotiated, because he [Freeport] is too vast for land, Hudoyo said.

The existence of freeport flanked by a national park that is Lorens in which the eternal snow, one of the world civilization that must be on guard. The melting of ES at the top of a cartenz lately is a fact due to freeport dredging activity. Although freeport scientists deny that the reduction of ice cartenz due to global warming (global warming). Plus Lake Wanagon is now just a name (see here).

According to the second contract of Work (KK) of Generasi V (December 30, 1991) is for exploration stage of copper, gold and mineral followers in the area of ??202,950 hectares in Mimika, Paniai, Jaya Wijaya and Puncak Jaya (Papua). For permission to borrow some of the land, Kemenhut is in the process of reviewing for the issuance of forest use permit.

Hudoyo, Director of Forest Area Utilization at Forestry Ministry of Forestry Ministry, said that the Freeport files needed to issue IPPKH are complete. According to the forestry ministry, the IPPKH freeport requirement is already complete. However, the Minister [Zulkifli Hasan] gave the disposition to wait until the review of the KK renegotiation was completed, even though he (FI) file was complete, he told when met at his office last weekend.

Desposition The detention of forest use permits by kemenhut, after previously the environment ministry also detained the Raport Freeport environment. Evidence that the government already has the intention of asserting that the company must have a renegotiation.

The Presidential Decree No.41 of 2004 contains the Licensing or Agreement in the Field of Mining which is in the Forest Zone. In the Presidential Decree, the government established 13 licenses or agreements in the mining field that existed prior to the enactment of Law No.41 of 1999 on Forestry, to continue its activities in the forest area until the expiration of the license or agreement.

Thus, freeport has plots of exploitation land up to four districts. The fact that the freeport area has expanded to Paniai, Wamena and Puncak Jaya. What about the recent conflicts in the region? the same with the conflict that happened and hit the Amungme and Kamoro tribe post-freeport legs in Timika ?. And renegotiation of KK freeport also accommodate the problem of social conflict that arise during this or only economic element only?

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