For Trump, Global Warming is Hoax!

For Trump, Global Warming is Hoax!The election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States (US) raises a lot of uncertainty about his policy in the fight against global warming, which is now refined its name to climate change. This is because in his campaign when the last US presidential election many opposed the theory of global warming caused by the act of developed countries in exploiting fossil energy that makes the greenhouse effect as a trigger of global warming.

Apparently the collapse of the icebergs at the poles, the sinking of islands due to rising sea water, the extinction of various types of animals, flooding, more hurricanes, forest fires and others make Trump unmoved. Does Trump not feel that industrialization in the 17th century till now makes industrialized nations of the United States and Europe thrive in the economy and prosper them directly but instead impoverish the poor and developing countries? Donald Trump's Twitter contents below prove that Trump thinks more negatively that Global Warming Issues exhale China, in economic competition. Whereas China only in the late 20th century began to enter into an industrial country and became the largest contributor of carbon gas in the world a few years ago.

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

In addition to viewing Global Warming as a hoax (false news), Trump also plans the US to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Summit agreement, in which the US participates in reducing global warming by reducing carbon emissions. If the US just does not want to participate in carbon reduction, how about other countries? Without US leadership, the future of global warming will be bleak.

So what about the effects of Global Warming to Indonesia? Quoted from Kompas environmental report, Friday, 06 January 2016, it is natural disasters that hit Indonesia lately is terrible caused by climate change. Banjir Bandang Garut (Oct. 20, 2016), Flood of Bandung (Oct. 24, 2016), Gorontalo Flood (Oct 25, 2016), extreme sea waves on the west coast of Sumatra, southern Java to Lombok, and melting of Puncak Jaya Wijaya Papua (in 6 months liquid 4.26 meters) -Expected if there is no global warming countermeasures, Puncak Jaya ice sheet will be exhausted in 2020. So this is hoax news, Mr.Trump? Moving to another planet is better for you … Lol.

The issue of climate change prevention is closely related to the energy of a country's development. The use of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal for more than hundreds of years produces carbon emissions trapped in the Earth's atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. The emission bounces back to Earth and many are absorbed by the oceans, affecting today's world climate. This obviously has been proven by experts except experts who are paid to soften that opinion.

The problem is that fossil energy is the least expensive energy that can be utilized in development such as generating electricity and fuel efficiently for the production of factories. Indonesia is accused of being environmentally unfriendly as its deforestation affects the world's ecosystems, but critics forget that Indonesia should continue to build by exploiting its forests for the development of the palm oil industry whose products are reused for other derivatives such as detergents, cosmetics, snacks and others that produce foreign exchange is not small for this country. Industrial countries already enjoy their prosperity and convenience consciously or unconsciously, their carbon emissions are absorbed by Indonesia's forests. Presently Indonesia can not build and utilize forests and other potentials by utilizing the greatest results for the prosperity of the country?

Perhaps it is time, Indonesia seriously began to create and utilize renewable energy by utilizing the sun, wind, ocean waves, geothermal and gradually reduce dependence on the use of fossil energy? Hope that is not easy indeed because Indonesia actually has not utilized the fossil energy as a whole and maximum, Indonesia instead told to use renewable energy? Later Kufr tasted delicious? Renewable energy investment is long and expensive. What makes sense now is how Indonesia can make the US and other industrialized nations comply with the 2015 Paris Summit's decision on countering Global Warming.

We only get one planet. (Leonardo DiCaprio)


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