For You Who Lecture While Working, Do not Complain

For You Who Lecture While Working, Do not ComplainShow that you are more powerful than them. You can pay for your own college, buy your own books and have money for yourself. Not just ask the same parents, brother-in-law, cousin, or sibling ancestors.

Guys Not many can do this unless you are selected. That means you can and you are special to yourself.

Although sometimes you feel a little jealous of those who can still be monthly rations, weekly bonus allowance and additional pocket money, plus money for courtship. But you do not need to feel really jealous guys. You are much better than those who are still asking and waiting for the allowance. You're independent even though it's too early for your age right now.

Young Mandiri is better than late adult, is not it?

While busy with work that demands you still have to focus on college. Remember that your main goal is to learn, be a good student, thank goodness better than friends who just busy college. Aamiin.

And do not be embarrassed to acknowledge your busy life when college buddies invite hang-outs. Do not be ashamed to mention the temporary profession you are wearing. In fact, whatever your job-as long as it's halal-is never a problem. Life is learning and learning, we always improve the quality of self.

This is something you should be proud of yourself as a half-worker.

1. You are strong enough to deal with this. You can be more than you are now. You must believe it!

The job is tiring, the work gets tired.

Stop complaining, no use.

You can learn a lot from this. Remember that God chooses his best people to carry a heavier burden than others. That means you are the man of choice. Although not a college student, but you have a title as an exemplary student because it can finance their own lives.
Stay strong and courageous, man.Do not be a spoiled child. Make people inspired by you because you are busy with the world you are pursuing right now, but you also do not miss the opportunity to practice the afterlife well. Two things must clearly be balanced.

2. Add connections easily. You must smile and enjoy it!

By working early, then you will be more acquaintances. Not just a college friend, one campus, but also a fellow worker who is so different from you.

Everyone is not the same, you can also learn to recognize the character of others. One day you need this to attract people's sympathy. Such as you are opening a business and you must understand with various human characters in order to memprosikan a product. If you have this experience, then you just add the seasoning.

Your experience is very valuable and it is very profitable for your future. Invest not only with money, but also great time and experience.

3. After graduation you will not be confused.

What do I want to be?

If you get tired of being an employee who receives a monthly salary then be an entrepreneur. While working may be you can save to build a simple business after graduation. Is not this a very good idea?

You are not confused with the period after graduation, because you are not playing with your college.

Even if you still want to be employees in the company, then you will get additional points. You have wider experience and insight than your graduating friends and have never tried to work. So, keep spirit!

4. Mending busy chasing seabreg ideals of the tired looking girlfriend at a young age.Guys, said Oom Mario Teguh Jodoh ngikutin success, not a success that ngikutin mate.

Do not think about anything except you and your dreams.
Including forgetting the names of your ex. Do not even look back!
Those who leave will never return. Okay?

Do not rush to fall in love. You still have to chase your busy dreams because you have not landed yet. Well, you know, dreams do not want to come closer if you still gini-gini aja, let alone boyfriend?

You can still fall in love, on these things of course: falling in love with the new things that spring up on your journey, as well as the small and simple changes that make you more comfortable. Including falling in love with the type of work you are doing and the courses you most want to avoid. You still need to learn more, guys.

5. Free

Even though you have a lot of pressure in the job but you also have the freedom to grow more. Environment affects your thinking power in looking at the future. So, plan carefully.

You must spend time on your mind, work, and release. Dig your ideas and know yourself deeper.
Look at you now and think about what you will get tomorrow. Try it now with a mature plan.

Remember that a mature plan does not have to be perfect, there must be a lot of things blocking your pace. But a mature plan will definitely help you achieve true success.

Succeed with your free thinking. You want to be anything, it's up to you. So, do it better.

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