`Forest Day`, SD Champion Tree Planting in City Forest

Citizen6, Jakarta Celebrating World Forest Day, SD Champion Bandung held a Tree Planting Activity in Babakan Siliwangi city forest, Bandung, on Thursday (20/3/2014).

The winning students planted 15 fruit trees and 30 protective trees from the Bandung City office.

"By planting this tree we hope Bandung back cool, beautiful, and comfortable as before," said Tito Suhendar, Principal SD Champion Bandung.

Babakan Siliwangi was inaugurated by the United Nations as the world's first urban forest in Indonesia in 2011 ago. However, the urban forest that should be the lungs of this city in fact still not much utilized by the citizens of Bandung itself.

Seeing the flood conditions are rampant everywhere, of course the existence of this city's forests is very important, namely as a water catchment area and provide a sufficient supply of oxygen for residents of Bandung.

Forests generally have a role in life, such as rainwater storage, prevention of erosion, climate regulation, endemic flora and fauna dwellings, and as a source of human life.

"The purpose of this tree planting movement is one of the learning to champion students about the importance of preserving the forest as our love for the environment," added Tito. (mar)

Sri Agustina
Twitter: @siriusbintang
Bandung, bigsmileindonexxx@gmail.com

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