Forest of Feelings

Forest of Feelings

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Like we both are walking the road in the middle of the forest. I am already far ahead and you are still left behind, struggling with a flower called a past. So how can I take your hand to cross a river and a swamp, or just lean on your shoulders when I'm exhausted?

Did not we agree to explore the forest together? But, you-with all your unfulfilled beliefs, are still there. Then when will we soon arrive at the coveted end goal? Oh, really, this trip is so stifling. A thick white fog adorns the trees. But still, there is a thicker mist that covers your heart. Disguising all feelings.

Really, this trip is so hard. Not one or two times I fell in a mud puddle, sprained, lost and even stuck in the same street. And you? You still stop there, still faithfully taking care of the flower with a happy heart. Every now and then you come up to me, put on a sweet innocent face, ask me if I'm okay, then go back there without burden! Hey, do not you want to understand my feelings just a little bit?

I understand, since this journey begins you are never serious. Never. It's useless to bring a compass and map, as well as bedding and lunch. While all the time you are full just by looking at the fucking petals. make my heart tight and have no choice but broken.

However, did not you ever say that you love me very much? Did not we agree to cultivate each other and pray for aging together? And also, remember you at the full moon. Yes, the full moon who witnesses when you make a vow will not incise ink in my heart a speck. But what now? Do not, I'm just too stupid to just believe it with all your words huh?

But, alas how. Now I am already here, in the jungle of this feeling. Be I have to be responsible for completing the route. Even though it's cold and rainy, it's okay. Really why not. At least they helped a lot in covering up my tears that I could not resist.

Then all right, I'll keep going forward. Alone though. No direction, no directions, nor without you. If the flower has withered, no more, seek me among the grass and fall leaf scattered. Pick up and take me out to a happy end like our deal at the beginning. And if you do not find me, that means I've eaten a tiger or a handsome wolf hahahahahahahaha … šŸ™

September 2017

From me, adventurers from the city of Malang is very unfortunate

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