Forest Philosophy from Finnish Hunters

Forest Philosophy from Finnish Hunters

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In the morning he will take us if the forest is suitable.

The forest is a hard judge

This forest is enough to give

You just have to make sense of it

You have to fight hard to find prey

You will not get something for free

People who can enter the forest are children, but people who can return are called tough men.

The sentence quote came from an action film titled BIG GAME. The film, starring top actor Samuel L. Jackson who plays the President of the United States of Finland background forest is very beautiful. Mountain forest with rocks wrapped in trees typical of temperate forest (leaf needle) is very impressive. The beauty of the Finnish mountain forests with its huge snaking river is really very good in this movie.

Although the action of a conspiracy of a close US president who will kill his highest leader is very interesting, I am more interested in how this film accentuates the Finnish tradition of shaping someone to be recognized as a tough person. Toughness shaped adventure and life experience of hard and wild forest.

Oskari (Onni Tommila), a great hunter boy in a settlement in Finland became the center of the story of how the Finnese educate his son to be a ladder man. Taipo (Jorma Tommila), Oskari's father made a great celebration on his 13th birthday by releasing him to the forest for 24 hours. During the release in the forest, Oskari was given the task of getting a big quarry of deer with big horns that would be brought before the senior hunters the next day. Similar to the picture on the wall of the house of the hunter they both saw before Oskari came into the forest through a procession of being a tough man.Bringing bows, arrows, a variety of supplies and archery skills that cast doubt on senior hunters, Oskari entered the forest of chili given the message of the hunter leader written at the beginning of this paper.

The forest is a hard judge

The above phrase means that the forest is unfavorable to those inside it. The law that prevails in the forest is who can survive, exert all capabilities and not despair, then he can get out of the forest with a steady step. Conversely, if a person in a wild forest is not ready for hard and wild forest then he will get lost and even die in the forest. The forest is a tough or strict or very just judge. Who is not ready stock (material, mental and knowledge), then be prepared to get lost and die. Who despaired when faced with problems in the forest, he will die his soul before the body finally follow rotting along with the ground.

Oskari proves that although he is not yet 13 years old, but his readiness to enter the forest is not kidding. Although he is not yet skilled at archery but he has at least practiced the way of archery and cripple quarry. It equips itself with adequate equipment entering the forest of ATV-like vehicles, ample food, maps, blankets, camping tools, cooking tools and hunting devices. This is what makes him stepped steadily through the thick and cold jungle

This forest is enough to give

You just have to make sense of it

In the forest all the basic human needs are available from food, shelter and clothing. All that is provided by the Almighty in the forest will not mean anything if we can not interpret it. Understanding forests means we need to use knowledge and technology so that forests really give meaning meaning to give many benefit and prosperity for human.

Finland is one of the best forest management countries in the world. With forests that are not as large as Indonesia, Finns can get the welfare of their forests. Finnish forests remain sustainable and masyaraktnya sejahter not just a slogan but a reality. This is very different from the condition in Indonesia where the forest is getting more and more damaged and the community becomes one of the parties that destroy the forest. As a result, the forest expected to prosper the community is not in sustainable condition and the welfare is not enjoyed by many people but only a few people.

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In the BIG GAME game, Oskari defines the forest with all its ability to get the hunt required by senior hunters. He knows the way to the hunting grounds and knows the way home with his navigation knowledge. He knows how to hunt and survive in the forest.

You have to fight hard to find preyYou will not get something for free

In the jungle, anyone who adventures in it, must fight hard in order to get what the goal. If he is a researcher, then the prey is the sample and the data sought must be obtained and returned with satisfactory results. If he is a hunter, he must get game and go home with reliable evidence. All the process of getting prey must be obtained with the struggle even until the last attempt. Nothing is free to get the best results. The best results should be cultivated in the best way as well. That's the essence of the above phrase.

Oskari has taken all his might to the hunting site shown by the map, a hilltop that crosses the thick woods and the cliffs of the mountain. Although Oskari managed to find and save the US President trapped in the protective caps of Air Force One, he remains focused on his ultimate goal of getting game animals to become a tough guy. While leading the US President to a safe haven from the pursuit of terrorists, he continues his adventure of reaching the ultimate target, the game animals.

Oskari is very disappointed when he only finds a freezer box that contains the carcass of beautiful horned deer stuck with arrows with a paper bearing Happy Birthday. He was disappointed that his father had killed the deer for him. He felt his father had not considered himself a hunter. Oskari thought his father did not believe him. But the President of the Americas later entertaining and raising the spirit of Oskari with the phrase,

Hey, I know how you feel,

Here, take this (US president picks up the emblem of the presidency present in his coat and pinned it on Oskari's Jacket)

It's a reminder that you found me, you saved me, you saved me and you protected me. It's a reminder I trust you.

An excellent expression to encourage someone who is saddened in the jungle. Should, if we are in the forest, any disturbance that befell one of the team members, the other members should help at least encourage and excitement.

People who can enter the forest are children, but people who can return are called tough men.

This is the most exciting expression of the Finnish hunters in this 90-minute movie. It is true that Oskari is physically a child. But the harsh and wild forest field tempests and the adventure of the big game of saving the life of the President of the United States is a remarkable result. Oskari not only can get out of the forest and return to where the senior hunters gather, but he also gets a big game of famous people known as world leaders, who will come in state events in Finland.

It is also true that anyone can play and get into the forest, even a small child. But not everyone can walk, enjoy, learn and survive in the forest until it can come back with great results. Only a tough person can get back from the forest with a big game in his hands.That's a little review of the philosophy about the forest against the background of BIG GAME (2014). Meskpiun this movie themed adventure and action, but the knowledge about forest and education we can learn the lesson.

I am a forester, moved to discover the wisdom of how we can preserve the forest with a joy of wisdom to our lives as much as possible for our forests we love more and eventually sustain and provide prosperity for the people as in Finland.

Greetings Lestari!

Achmad Siddik Thoha-Foresters and Community Inspiration Tree Manager

Picked from BIG GAME Movies (2014)

Director: Jalmari Helander

Author: Jalmari Helander

Stars / players: Samuel L Jackson (American President), Onni Tommila (Oskari), Jorma Tommila (Tapio), etc.

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