Former Minister of Forestry Prevented Related Cases of Corruption

Former Minister of Forestry Prevented Related Cases of CorruptionJAKARTA, – Corruption Eradication Commission asks Immigration to prevent former Minister of Forestry, MS Kaban. Prevention is done related to the investigation of alleged corruption case of budget submission of Integrated Radio Communication System (SKRT) that ensnare the owner of PT Masaro Radiokom, Anggoro Widjojo.

"Today KPK has sent a request letter to prevent Immigration on behalf of MS Kaban, the former Minister of Forestry," KPK spokesman Johan Budi said in Jakarta on Tuesday (12/2/2014).

Johan explained, Kaban prevented starting from today for six months ahead. In addition to Kaban, the KPK asked Immigration to prevent his former driver, Muhammad Yusuf, on investigating the same case. Joseph is also prevented from this day up to six months.

"Related to the investigation of corruption crime with AW (Anggoro Widjojo) suspect, SKRT case since today, February 11, 2014, valid for six months," said Johan.

According to him, Kaban and his former driver were prevented from being abroad when the KPK investigation team needed information related to the investigation of the SKRT case. Johan also ensures the KPK will again check on Kaban and Yusuf. However, he claimed not to know when they will be checked again after being prevented.

"The examination schedule concerned has not reached the PR," said Johan.

Johan added that the KPK is developing a case of alleged corruption SKRT that ensnare Anggoro. The development of the investigation leads to another party suspected of receiving bribes from Anggoro, as well as others allegedly involved in giving money.

As the owner of PT Masaro Radiokom, Anggoro allegedly gave a gift or promise to a number of officials or state officials to pass SKRT budget submission of the Ministry of Forestry in 2007. As long as found two sufficient evidence, said Johan, open the possibility of KPK set new suspects.

"I can not confirm whether to stop at AW (Anggoro) or not, but as long as two sufficient evidence is found, it can be a suspect," he said.

In the case of this SKRT, the KPK has examined Kaban as a witness. When the alleged corruption case occurred around 2007, Kaban served as Minister of Forestry. He once signed a letter of appointment directly to PT Masaro Radiokom as SKRT project partner.

After examining the KPK in 2012, Kaban said that the direct appointment of PT Masaro is in accordance with the procedure. The SKRT project was actually stopped in 2004 when M Prakoso became Minister of Forestry.However, allegedly for the efforts of Anggoro as the owner of PT Masaro Radiokom, the project was revived. Anggoro allegedly gave money to four members of Commission IV of the House of Representatives who handled the forestry sector, namely Azwar Chesputra, Al-Amin Nur Nasution, Hilman Indra, and Fachri Andi Leluas.

Commission IV, led by Yusuf Erwin Faishal, issued a letter of recommendation to continue the SKRT project. In the letter, it was mentioned that the House of Representatives Commission IV requested the Ministry of Forestry to continue SKRT project and appealed to the ministry to use the tools supplied by PT Masaro for procurement of goods related to the SKRT project. Both Azwar, Al Amin, Hilman, Fachri, and Yusuf Erwin Faisal have been convicted through the Jakarta Corruption Court ruling.

This case also ensnared Anggoro's brother Anggodo Widjojo. The facts of the trial of this case also mention the alleged flow of funds to a number of officials in the Ministry of Forestry, including Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry, Boen Purnama. The flow of funds to the officials allegedly known Kaban.

Regarding the fact of the trial that states that Kaban knows the flow of money, Johan said that the information should be validated first truth. "The admission in the trial should be validated whether it is supported by evidence or not so it can be concluded correctly or not.This process is still developed by KPK with AW (Anggoro) suspect," said Johan.

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