Former, Weeds and Full of Weeds Will Become New Icon Pontianak

Former, Weeds and Full of Weeds Will Become New Icon, Pontianak – There is a ditch in the village of Siantan Hulu, Pontianak Utara Sub-district, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan that make amazement. The trenches of Pineapple are named.

Despite the name of the trench, but the condition is clean and beautiful. Because of its beauty, the trench width of 15 meters with a length of 4 kilometers is going to change function as one of the water attractions.

Whereas first, the Nine Parish that connects between the City of Pontianak with Kubu Raya in West Kalimantan slum and filled with weeds.

Head of North Pontianak Subdistrict, Kiswanta said, Pineapple Parake is a mainstay ditch. Because, this trench has a distinct and different from other ditches, which is in the open and wide enough. He hopes, later Parit Pineapple could be a tourist icon on Earth Equator.

"So we make this tour of the trench or water tourism, we hope it becomes the icon of Pontianak Utara in particular, and Pontianak city generally .. With this ditch is expected to lift the economic level of the surrounding community," said Kiswanta in Parit Nenas, Pontianak, West Kalimantan on Saturday August 27, 2016.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Pontianak Sutarmidji told of the pineapple trench state before as it is today. Before cleaning, there are one two houses standing right on the edge of the river. The inhabitants of the house are then willing to move from that location.

"Once it was filled with weeds, the condition has now changed drastically, the moat that has become the mainstay of the surrounding community has been cleared of weeds and garbage," Sutarmidji said after releasing the canoe contest participants.

He mentioned, the water in the trenches will keep the peat so humid so it does not easily burn when summer comes. In case of fire, the water supply in the trenches can be used to extinguish the fire.

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