FPI Bakar Flag America in front of the Australian Embassy

FPI Bakar Flag America in front of the Australian Embassy

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com Hundreds of members of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) and Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) held a protest action in front of the Australian Embassy, ??Kuningan, Jakarta, related wiretapping. They burned a picture of an American flag in front of the Australian Embassy.

The rally was performed by oration and sang the song "Indonesia Raya". The protesters also unfurled a number of posters denouncing the Australian Government's stance. The poster reads, among other things, "Close the Australian Embassy! Banish Australian Diplomats! Australian Information Looters" and "Embassy Tap Close".

The protesters demanded that the government immediately expel Australian diplomats in Indonesia. They blame the government's stern stance on the Australian wiretap.

Hizb ut-Tahrir condemned the wiretap conducted by the Australian Intelligence Service against a number of high-ranking Indonesian officials because it was clearly a form of real hostility, humiliation and betrayal.

"We demand the Indonesian government to close the Australian embassy and expel its diplomats and cut off diplomatic relations with our enemy countries," said an orator from HTI in front of the Australian Embassy Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (22/11/2013).

In addition, FPI demonstrators threw rotten eggs into the Australian Embassy building. They also sang "Drop Australia, Burn Australia now".

Almost there was a clash between FPI and police on guard. The demonstrators from FPI also carried out the action of burning the flag of the United States because of Australia's wiretapping action also because the order from the United States.

The HTI action was carried out for half an hour, from 2 pm to 2:30 pm, and forwarded by FPI since 14.30.

The existence of this rally makes the traffic flow in Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, jammed. The slow lane ahead of the Australian Embassy had to be closed. A total of 334 joint police officers from Setia Budi Police, South Jakarta Police, and Polda Metro Jaya guarded to secure the area around the location of the rally.

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