Fresh Water Aquaculture Sea Aquarium Aquarium

Fresh Water Aquaculture Sea Aquarium AquariumSand-shore sand that shimmered golden yellow, and the Rock behind my uncle's house is tempting to take home, it happens that the house of Uncle is on the Pantura.

Actually this is a regular visit, but what's wrong with taking a little Sand Sea for Aquarium decoration. The biggest problem is where I live not a coastal area, so sea water is very difficult to get, even if there is expensive.

If you look at the Aquarium sea water is very beautiful and seductive, impressed elegant, luxurious, and expensive. I started from Pasirnya sea and Rock, but Fish is quite fresh water type, considering it is easy to find and the price is cheap in the area I live.

"Adapting Sea Sand and Rocks to Freshwater Habitats"

Sand Beach and Coral upon arrival at my house rinse immediately, and I soak in a special tub for a week to remove the salt in the sand and Coral Rock, during this week I often change the water to have circulation, do not forget Starter Bacteria I tebar sandy beach high salt.

The long-awaited moment, Sand Beach is included in the Aquarium, arranged in such a way as the Coral Rock. The plants I use are Water Wasteria – Difformis, a common plant in the world of Aquascape.

The plants I use to absorb the toxins that are left behind and neutralize the salt content (Trials only), and this seems to work, the plants grow fresh. After 2 weeks, Albino Angelfish Fish I put in Aquarium, and they are healthy.

Now the Aquarium at home feels the Sea water Aquarium with the soft Pantura Beach Sand, it's just the fish remains fresh water. This Aquarium I have dismantled because of boredom, but the Water Plant Wasteria and Rock I still keep to be reorganized again if there is time and opportunity.


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