From 12 Lecturer Types This Which Become Your Favorite Lecturer

From 12 Lecturer Types This Which Become Your Favorite Lecturer

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Student life must never be far from the name Lecturer. As educators and mentors during the recovery period these lecturers will always adorn your days inside and (sometimes) off campus. But lecturers are not robots, they are also human. They have their own character that is interesting to review.

Here are some types of lecturers that you will often encounter during a student:

1. You will meet the Super Discipline Lecturer. Perhaps because he had been educated in developed countries, he became disciplined.

He is a lecturer who is very appreciative of time. Make sure you have sat in his class at least 10 minutes before he entered. Because if not, get ready for listening to listen from outside the class because he must lock the door from within if the lecture has started. Surely you've met this lecturer right?

2. The atmosphere is quiet and tense when he lectures, you also have to sit neatly and not allowed to talk. This lecturer is often dubbed Killer Lecturer.

Any question? Kalu not exist, let me ask!

Anyway, it's unlawful to talk, especially if you sleep on the table. You do not want it if you suddenly close the markers landed on your head?

3. Lecturers who like to share points. Anyway if take his courses, seemed to follow the quiz on television deh!

Any question?

– Silence

Okay if so dare ask later I love points!Me, Miss! I I have a question, Mom!

4. Lecturer Comedian, instead of discussing the course even discuss other things. Some of them are funny stories, but most often stories are crisp.

5. Good lecturer, friendly and slang but stingy to give value. Can the value of C + aja already thanksgiving

Why yes, every time I'm taught with Mr. YKS never get good grades? Dapet C + aja already thanksgiving

In the lecture hall, Mr. YKS explained his opinion

Students do not need to get high value, because the value of A is for the Rector, and the value of B for Lecturer. So the student dapet C enough value #Gubrak!

6. Beautiful young lecturer and / or Ganteng, so demennya you bela-belain into the class even though different majors.

Temen: Eh, follow the class Mbak Dian yuk, lecturer of Communication

You: Hayuk! In which room? Uh, but we're the Forest boys

7. Lecturer Storytellers, a storyteller who has a number of doses of sleeping pills in each of his words.

Lecturer: Okay, now we will start discussing the Constitutional Law, its history begins whenYou: Zzzzz ,,,

8. Invisible lecturer who rarely really go to class but never missed to give duty every week.

Simply through the assistant or through student trust, invisible lecturer make sure you can not relax this weekend.

9. You must often be envied by lecturers who often walk, this one lecturer deserves to be called Traveler Lecturer.

Maybe his intention is not traveling. But how can I photograph in places ciamik anyway? Make no mistake, usually these lecturers diligently attend seminars and workshops outside the region even abroad.

So no wonder if you kepo-in Facebook account and Instagram him, you will be contrived envious because he often really upload photos of themselves with a ciamik background. From the beach in Bali to Eiffel in Paris he has been exploring.

10. Feeling artist, this one lecturer often really sticking out on the screen. The lecturer exists.

Usually the lecturers who exist on TV is he-he from the faculty of Law, Economics, and Fisipol. It does not close the possibility of lecturers from other faculties have also appeared on the TV show, but their existence can not beat him-he comes from the three faculties. The reason is simple: News and talk shows on television mostly discuss about politics, crime, corruption, and economic conditions of the country.

11. Lecturer Proyekan, in addition to active teaching he also actively run the project, research or publication writing. Not infrequently student sprayed job as well.

Hayo admitted! Who has been invited lecturers ngerjain project or research aid doi? The result is good for buying new shoes.

12. More Lecturers of S-3 Lectures Abroad. Do not expect much can often meet this one lecturer.Do not know, meet aja not ever. Suddenly he became your thesis supervisor.

Well, from the various types of lecturers above, which lecturer is your favorite? That is if there is any. Or what kind of lecturers are the most wandering on your campus?

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