From Bung Hatta Reluctance Buried in Kalibata to Israel’s Innovation

From Bung Hatta

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Bung Hatta is a hero of the nation, he is also a thinker, and the author is active throughout his life. With his dedication, he refused to be buried in Kalibata Hero Cemetery (TMP). There are at least two reasons for this decision.

In addition to the review of Bung Hatta, Kompasiana's choice article today will raise the matter of sand which in the coming years could have prices exceeding gold given the human dependence of its usefulness. After that, there is a secret that accompanies the success of the state of Israel in "invading" the world.

The last two articles will discuss about the barrage of poor results obtained by Manchester United and the importance of pandan scented for the Hindu community in Bali. Here, 5 articles Kompasiana choice.

1. Why Bung Hatta Not Want to be buried in Kalibata?

Who does not know Mohhhamad Hatta, the hero, thinker, and freedom fighter is a man who has great service for the establishment of the Indonesian Nation. It is appropriate that his body is buried in the tomb for the heroes of Kalibata Hero Cemetery (TMP).

However, he rejected the option and chose to be buried in the Land Cemetery (TPU) Tanah Kusir. The daughter of the late Bung Hatta, Meutia Hatta, said that Bung Hatta regarded himself as an ordinary citizen and assumed there was someone who did not deserve to be buried in the tomb of the heroes.

From the last statement, Bung Hatta seemed to give us a message that not everyone can be buried in Kalibata TMP at once respected each year as Indonesia celebrates its independence day. How is the story? Check out the full review on the links below.

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2. The Future Gold Is Named Sand

Human need for sand every year is increasing, this is in line with the growth of the inhabitants of the earth that can not be dammed. The Singapore government is a tangible example of the need for sand because of its rapidly growing population. Due to the narrowness of the territory, they made a policy to create a reclaimed island.

The more sand being mined causes damage to the environment. Landscapes in one area will change over time to undermine the quality of the ecosystem. The damage also affects the flora and fauna in the sand mining area.Sand is similar to the air because it is very much in the earth, but we can not live without it either. Because sand and air are not two things that can be renewed so that one day can disappear from the face of the earth.

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3. Innovation of Israel and Jokowi's Hope for Indonesia

Israel is a country with a narrow area when compared to the surrounding Middle Eastern countries. The population of the state of Israel is also small, even with only a small reserve of natural resources.

In fact, this country has an advantage that is not owned by another country, that is innovation. Through innovation, Israel became a powerful country. They succeeded in developing multiple agricultural production and building global applications of waze.

The key to their success is the pattern of education and regulation that allows investors to invest. Now, these two things are the main focus of President Jokowi to develop human resources in the country.

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4. Gray Christmas for Manchester United

Christmas should be the best time to have fun, but not for Manchester United. Manchester City's club is shuffled in three games with Raihan twice a draw and one defeat.

In the three matches of the streak, MU goalkeeper always conceded two numbers. The data illustrates that something is wrong from the Red Devils back line. Their midfield is also not as creative as usual, the front line is also a scorn thanks to the inconsistency of the spearhead foster children Jose Mourinho in menceploskan the round skin.

This defeat should be a whip for Mou to focus on the condition of his team, rather than criticizing the performance of the referee or blame the opposing team. MU bad moments at the end of this year is inversely proportional to remembering their heyday when raised by Opa Fergie.Learn more.

5. Pandan Harum, Not Just Beautiful but Also Produce

Canang sari is an obligatory offering given by Hindus majority in Bali. At least 20 canang sari should be given each day, and the amount will increase when the celebration of the big days.

Canang sari is incomplete if there is no rampe flower made from pandanus fragrant. The needs of these people are trying to be maximized by the farmers from Tabanan, Ketut Purya. Every major celebration came, he admitted to being overwhelmed to accept orders.

Within a month, Purya can harvest four times at a price of Rp 7000 per Kg. Pandan Fragrant also do not need special attention, just give urea fertilizer once a year.

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