From Cendrawasih To Gading Elephant, Here An Unexpected Wild Wildlife!

From Cendrawasih To

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Lately you may have heard the rampant wildlife trade via social media, one of them up. The seller cruelly trades the poor animals. While there is clearly a law that prohibits trade in wildlife in Indonesia. Call it one of Article 21 of Law No. 5 of 1990 which contains the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems, with the threat of a sentence of 15 years in prison.

Presumably the sellers of the wildlife, never watch Zootopia. So, never understand how precious the wildlife they stole. Duh, cruel! Cruel! Cruel!

1. Pity Puspa and Moza are smuggled up to Kuwait. Luckily they finally saved.

Puspa, Junior, and Moza are secured at Kuwait Airport. Luckily Kuwait airport authorities immediately contacted the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia after it was discovered that Puspa and Moza departed from Soetta Airport. Big question mark, how the Soetta Airport can pass Puspa, Moza, and Junior can fly up to Kuwait. But, you can breathe easier because now they have been secured and returned to their natural habitat. Moza and Junior will be released in Nyaru Menteng Central Kalimantan. Meanwhile Puspa was released in the Orangutan Conservation Program in Medan North Sumatra.

2. In West Papua, illegal trade in Cendrawasih birds has become commonplace. Duh, sadly yes.

How do you feel about seeing a beautiful bird of paradise apparently being traded freely? Of course really sad. Especially for you animal lovers. Unfortunately, in Sorong, Manokwari, and some areas of West Papua, this pretty bird trade is commonplace. Investigate a calibaration, local government customs that give birds of paradise as a souvenir to guests who come, seems to contribute to the decline of this bird population. Even the severity of this Paradise is smuggled in bottles! Worse, is not it? If Cendrawasih trade and bird hunting is still ongoing, may be this beautiful bird is extinct. Duh, do not get me.

3. Revealed, elephant tusk sold Rp 12 million per kilogram! Ivory who sacrificed the life of Dadang the elephant.

Pakde (78) and Elpian (43) were arrested by Tebo District Police officers, Jambi because they traded elephant ivory. For you who are compassionate stars, would be really angry after knowing how Pakde and Elpian get the ivory. In order to get the ivory, Pakde and Elpian killed a 30-year-old elephant named Dadang with a homemade firearm. Dadang itself was imported from Way Kambas, Lampung. From now on you will probably shudder to watch the longest elephant tusk on one's wall.

4. Very ironic, many protected animals are sold freely in animal market Scouts and Jatinegara Jakarta.

Whether police officers know or not, many of the protected wildlife are sold in both animal markets in Jakarta. Call it Gibon, Eagles, Bali Starling, Cockatoo, and other birds twitter, you can find in a narrow and dirty cage. Hopefully the officers immediately trace the sale of endangered and protected animals are yes.

5. If continuous hunted, Java Eagle can extinct within 20 years.Do you know that 53.2% of the eagle population is reduced by wild hunt for trading? It's not sad. If this one bird population is reduced due to deforestation or degradation of forest functions, may still be forgiven. But if the population is reduced to trade, should be followed up tuh! Hopefully the authorities immediately crack down on this Java Eagles perjualbelian case!

6. Terrible, Sumatran Leopard and Leopard Tiger are sold online. Please, deh! What kind of animal skin is it ?!

It turned out that not only clothes and hijab aja are sold via online. It turns out the skin of Sumatran Tiger and Leopard can be found as merchandise via online. Unmitigated, animal skin trade also involves international syndicates. In mid-2012, the Ministry of Forestry managed to thwart the illegal trade of leather Tiger and Leopard skins online. Hopefully the illegal trade of Tiger skin and Leopards do not happen again

7. It is not just illegal hunting and trading that is a wild animal of the archipelago. But also the shooting, as experienced by Didik the baby orangutan.

Educate, a baby orangutan became the victim of the shooting that caused bullet rifles lodged on his right shoulder. The shooting tragedy was allegedly causing Didik lost his mother and made him depressed. The estimated 1.5-year-old baby orangutans were handed over from someone to Cuan Sandai Village resident, Sandai Sub-district Ketapang District, West Kalimantan. By Cuan, Didik was given formula milk for three nights. Lucky, on June 15, 2016 Karmele Llano Sanchez veterinarian and director of the International Foundation Animal Rescue Indonesia (YIARI), immediately check Didik condition. Afterwards Didik was taken to YIARI Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation center in Ketapang to undergo further treatment.

Hopefully in the future there are no more animals that become victims yes. Save the Indonesian wildlife from wild trade!

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