From Jogja To Surabaya, These Cities Have Beautiful Forests For Your Destination Weekend!

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Mount and beach is a popular destination for visited. Visit him, you will forget the fatigue that has accumulated due to college or work. On the sidelines of the piling tasks, imagining yourself relaxing to see the waves or breathe fresh air at altitude can be a wonderful consolation.

But besides mountains or beaches, actually there are also other places you deserve your favorite tourist destinations: forest. Do not feel scary, the forest offers a hard shade you can in other places, even beaches or mountains. Not only that, amazing scenery for the background of your photos can you find here. Your picture on Instagram or Path will definitely look more interesting if you take in these forests.

Then which forests are safe, interesting to visit, while making your selfie pictures get thumbs up from many people? Let's see!

1. Drive motorcycle from Jogja to Imogiri Pine Forest. Twilight-style nuances can be found here.

The name of Imogiri Pine Forest has recently become popular as one of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. The forest visitors who are mostly young people, spend much time here to take pictures. Indeed rows of pine trees in this area so stunning. In addition to putting the people in it, these big and big pine rows are also rare for you to find in urban areas. Anyone who saw it, could have a direct imagination like Bella Swan or Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight.

The Imogiri Pine Forest is located in Bantul, close to the direction towards the Mangunan fruit garden. If you want to reach it from the intersection of Giwangan Terminal, take the direction to East Imogiri Street. Just follow the path to find directions to the Mangunan fruit garden. Approaching the Garden of Mangunan, there is a fork toward the Pathuk and Dlingo. Take the path towards Pathuk. Well, that pine forest you can meet on the right side of your path.

2. In Sabana Bekol, Baluran National Park, you can ride a jeep like a ranger-ranger on the Discovery Channel.

If there is a forest that has a large area and has a variety of vegetation, perhaps Baluran National Park is the place. This national park is indeed a miniature Indonesian forest because almost all forest types are here. Of all the existing forest, Sabana Bekol so favorite Baluran visitors to take pictures. Not surprisingly because in the savanna, you can feel like there is in the African meadow. Occasionally a collection of bulls across the grass is so dense there, but not bothering you. If you go to Baluran National Park, do not miss the selfiemu travel in Sabana Bekol. Not only to see the grass, there is a background of white clouds and a vast blue sky and a mighty Mount Baluran standing. Perfect scenery, is not it?

3. Another forest in Jogja is the Bunder Gunungkidul Forest Park. There is already a path, which ensures you will not get lost!

Again Yogyakarta has a jungle tour fun. This time there is the name of Forest Park (Tahura) Bunder. The location is on Jalan Wonosari-Jogja, next to the curve road before entering the first bangjo in Gunungkidul (Wonosari). Location Tahura Bunder can be said to be strategic because there are on the route to the beaches in Gunungkidul.

Visit Tahura will be more complete if you also visit the deer breeding, nursery units, and Sendang Mole White Wood Oil Factory. All three are located around Tahura. If you take your little sister, do not worry. Facilities like a playground are also available. To be sure, do not miss the path between the lush trees. One of Tahura's best photo spots is on the path.4. Invite your friends to become a group of adventurers who lost in the Wanagama Forest. Your traveling photos are becoming more and more epic because of the bond of friendship

Not far from Tahura Bunder, there is another forest called Wanagama Forest. This forest was originally a critical land in the form of clusters of land stones. Thanks to the persistence of a professor from the University of Gadjah Mada named Prof. Oemi Haniin Suseno, be the green forest that is beautiful and wide as it is today. Perseverance Prof. Oemi even took Prince Charles to this place. One of the teak trees in this forest has a history that of course boast. This tree was planted by Prince Charles when he visited in 1989. Uniquely when Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, this tree had withered.

If you and your friends are going to research or want to take a break from city life, Wanagama Forest can you explore. In addition to functioning as a forest of education and research, there is a resting area and an interesting tourist village to be a place of selfiemu as well.

5. Down the wooden bridge while staring at the blue cloud. Mangrove Forest Wonorejo, Surabaya, has both

Although Surabaya is one of the big cities in Indonesia, it turns out he still leaves the forest as an ecosystem that needs to be maintained. The forest is Wonorejo Mangrove Forest. The jungle that is located in this ecotourism area is located in Rungkut sub-district, east coastal city of Surabaya. Not too far if you reach it from Juanda International Airport.

Unlike the streets of Surabaya are often jammed and polluted, the air in this forest just fresh. Equipped with fishing ponds, restaurants, toilets, and praying rooms, your road show here will not be disturbed. You can also enjoy the coastal scenery around the mangrove forest by boarding a boat with other passengers. A boat trip allows you to observe the activities of fishermen looking for fish. After a walk with the ship, time yourself to do selfie travel on the wooden walkway in the mangrove tree kinda ya! Guaranteed fun!

6. Behind the story of keangkerannya, Forest Alas Purwo Banyuwangi legitimate you visit. In fact, many interesting places in the heart of the forest

If you want to go to Bali from Java and use the land route in the south, you will surely pass Alas Purwo Forest. Glance to see it from your vehicle, this place may be creepy. So quiet, let alone dark at night. There is not even a house that appears on the roadside. Not to mention the story that developed if the forest is often encountered sightings and a number of traffic accidents.

Apart from that, you will not believe that Alas Purwo Forest has such a beautiful natural charm. To prove it, you need to penetrate the inside of this forest. Do not worry because there is a guard post Alas Purwo National Park that you can ask permission. Pos Rowo Bendo his name.

After paying a retribution in this place, you can continue your journey through a number of natural features that are almost similar to Baluran National Park. There are Sabana Sadengan that often passed cattle herd, banteng jawa, peacock, until the deer. Go inside again, we can see a temple that is still frequented by Hindus. The most amazing part of your journey in Alas Purwo is when you reach the lips of Trianggulasi Beach. Although dangerous to swim, this beach is a favorite point to take pictures.

How? Still afraid to visit Alas Purwo?7. Djuanda forest in Bandung has a legendary hanging bridge. Photos in this place become more colorful because of the green trees and red bridge

Forest Park Ir. H. Djuanda including has a high level of accessibility because it is located in the north of Bandung, even as if it has been united with the city of Bandung. Forest built by the Dutch East Indies government has many interesting spots to visit, let alone made a place to take pictures. Starting Japanese Cave, Dutch Cave, three waterfalls, Museum Ir. H. Djuanda, until the King of Thailand Inscription. Interesting and complete is not it?

If you take a vacation here, may take some pictures in some classical buildings. For example above the classic red bridge. Your photograph will feel a bit retro and amaze seen by many people.

After seeing the points above, hopefully you are no longer afraid to visit the forest. As long as you keep your good intentions and good behavior, there will be no things to worry about. Yet the sequence of forests has also been opened to the public. Happy photos and sightseeing!

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