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The treasury of our language is full of metaphors that discredit the world of fauna, ranging from insects to cattle. Mention for people whose hobbies imitate others? Membeo or duck. The sneaky or wicked we call wolves in sheep's clothing, furry cocks, double-headed snakes, or full-mindedness. The one whose coupler we call the frog in the shell. An ambitious person is not aware of the ability of the frog to be likened to the frog. Fugitive who always escaped we call slippery like eels. Even a news magazine once used a metaphor of mice to refer to corruptors. Squirrel was no less unfortunate. Squirrel jumping is the name for a truckload of thieves. Then where is the parent who wants a son-in-law of a son of a bitch? In any fairy tale, the mouse deer is imaged as a cunning animal and a deceitful trickster who steals. And what he stole was cuman cucumbers, not people's money!

When I was a kid, my mother forbade me to eat with my mouth open because according to him, only a horse that eats like that (with the shape of the mouth like that, maybe horse obey table manner!). And another one, I am also accustomed to eat in an orderly manner, it is said that only chicken is chaotic meal. Some remember this phrase: Wake up early, let sustenance not dipatok chicken? Busyet, eggs already taken, even his fate ends on our plate of food, masiiiih we are squeaky against the two-legged creature it!

Even sexist metaphors exist. Ever see butterflies flying in the night? To my knowledge, only fireflies and mosquitoes are roaming at night. So why are commercial sex workers nicknamed the night butterflies?

People who make the same mistake a second time, will be considered more fools than a donkey because there is a saying that the donkey will not stumble for a second time. If our carriage is less sprightly, will definitely get the nickname like a snail or a hungry tiger for a weak graceful like a model. There is also a metaphor like a swollen elephant for an overweight person. People who no longer have power, we usually call a toothless tiger. People who like to read us nicknamed nerds.

To be sure, no one wants to be a dairy cow and gossiped a person whose tongue is branched off like a snake or snobbish like a peacock? Ridiculed as a lizard who desperate against the crocodile also must be annoying, let alone dikadalin! So, what exactly are the sins of all these animals, so we scapegoat them? Oops … what is your sins, black goat (goat)? He he he … peace!

Source: GoodHouseKeeping, October 2012 Edition, Page 144
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