From Their Stories, We Are Aware That In The World There Are Still Some Good People

From Their Stories, We Are Aware That In The World There Are Still Some Good People

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Love in life sometimes feels like a hand clap. Only we who feel it, without ever living to reply to it. Just imagine: no matter how persistent we try or how much we sacrifice, life still tests us with various trials. Until sometimes, it is hard for us to believe that there is still good in the world.

However, the good is real. At least that's what the Hipwee reader stories show below. Furthermore, these stories prove: the best way to not be forgotten is to do good.

To do good, you do not need excuses.

Once given money 50 Ringgit when running out of money at Malaysia airport. I met Indonesian people who live there. He invited me to talk and offer me a meal. When I refused, he gave me money.

Priscilla, 23, Yogyakarta

The intention to do good always comes in a spontaneous way. Indeed, every day we are always reminded to do good and to please the people around. Unfortunately often, we are even busy thinking about own needs.

In fact, to do good we do not need many reasons. A person can do well to give his help without any conditions. Wherever you are, with whomever you meet, always give your best attitude to them. No matter how small the good you do even if only a smile is what will bury the memory of you in the minds of others.

Know, every good deed will be accompanied by the prayers of those you help

That day I came home did not hold money at all, but gasoline in the motor really tiris. My motorcycle ran out of gas while my distance was still far from home. I dare to tell the gasoline that I want to pledge ID cards, but still can not gas. In the middle of the road, there is a motor nyamperin. He brought 1 liter of retail gasoline, after that go so wrote.

Until now I do not know who the good man is. Hopefully always eased all his business.

Mana Niman, 45, JakartaEveryday, we are used to meeting an attitude that does not care. That's why unconditional attention will feel special.

Sincere people who do good to you do not ask for a reward from you. Even if we are able to pay for his kindness, money is not a worthwhile reward. New prayers can be rewarded. A virtue must be paid with kindness.

The good that comes from your friends makes you realize that doing good is very easy

Invited to eat together with two friends boarding and college friends fit again riweuh-riwuehnya ngerjain thesis. Actually because they pity me ngeliat who already rich people stress ngerjain thesis hell, but with loyal & patient they nemenin and nungguin ngerjain thesis in the place to eat it until 2 hours malem. Thank you guys 🙂

Fiya, 23, Jakarta

Doing good is easy and not always expensive. You do not have to sacrifice to the death. Just take time for the simplest, just to the people around you.

The presence of your friends at the time of preparing the thesis is the simplest form of goodness, but very meaningful to those who feel it. Though your friends will not make a written contribution to your thesis, their attention is more than enough. From now on, stop thinking that doing good requires money. Sometimes you just need more attention.

Accepting help does not mean you are weak. You are only aware: no man can live alone

When I go to college, I often experience difficult circumstances. But there is always a friend who always plays a role lighten or paved the way for me.

Joni, 28, Solok

That's why we have to maintain good relationships with the people around us. How self-sustaining we are, we can not live alone. If we are willing to lighten the burden of someone, then others will not think twice to extend help to you. Your path will be easier if you always do good.Your dedication in completing a job is one form of kindness

My teacher was willing to ignore his house that was out of the way just to teach us additional tutoring. And even then without pay. When I asked him why did not mother go home? And my mother's house is gone. The only answer is, I will go home, after carrying out my mandate to teach you.

I will never forget the sincerity and goodness of my teacher.

Dias JN, 18, Bogor

Goodness is not always visible. Not always a gift of money or a hug. In fact, dedicated work can also be considered a virtue.

Carrying out your duties can be a virtue because what you do is benefiting others. Is not this the real meaning of doing good? So selfless, until you do not know that you have done good because you feel that it is only your duty.

Sometimes it was a surprise, unpredictable from where it came

When I was a test supervisor, I almost never came too late. The supervisor must have arrived at 5:30 am and I just woke up at 5:10. I panicked waiting for angkot, suddenly there is a motor stop nyamperin and his father said: Want to where Mbak? Come on up! I immediately mention my purpose. I am 05.27. Pas want to love money, eh his father said: I am not a motorcycle taxi driver. Happy Mbak. I stared openly. God, really good.

Zialfi, 22, Depok

Yes, sometimes goodness comes to us like a surprise. All of a sudden, and make us unbelieving.

Sometimes those who are genuine to help us are not the people we know. We do not need to get acquainted to be able to help someone. To do good, we just need a genuine sense of empathy and empathy.When difficulty comes to you, sometimes all you have to do is tell a story

At that time I just graduated from college, I was looking for work to continue to talk to Japanese language tutors. Continue to be offered a job to be a secretary for the Japanese. Until now I still work in the place that my teacher has to offer. Doumo Arigatou gozaimashita, Sensei.

Karina Maharani, 26, Jakarta

Goodness is not always sweet things. Advice, criticism, even a scolding of the nearest person is a form of concern and affection for you.

My sister is very kind. 4 years sekost away from parents, he is the attention and the most understanding of me. Like to advise, encourage, nag, too, but often help when in trouble again. If the fight, an hour then get better. I will not forget all the same he already do hehehe.

Julika, 22, Medan

The good we can do is not always sweet and fun things. Sometimes, goodness can also be unpleasant things. If we look at the above reader's experience, we will realize that the unpleasant things that have been done by you or your friends are the kind of good they give you.

Without their advice, criticism, and even their nonsense, we may never learn from our own foolishness and self-ignorance. Their treatment may not be sweet, but what they do is the best thing they can do for you.

The kindness of your parents is the best of kindness

Actually a lot of good people the same me for this. But the good that I will not and can never forgive is the goodness of my parents. Kindness is really sincere, sincere, and unconditional. Goodness that will not be replaced with gold, diamonds, gems, even the whole sky and the earth though.

Imer Agustin, 20, SurabayaGoodness given by your parents is the most beautiful gift in life. Sincere, sincere, unconditional and unconditional love. Among others who have done good to you, the kindness given by your parents is what you are obliged to be grateful for. The good they do can never be paid. and we should not forget.

Now is the time for us to repay all the good of our parents. While there is time, give all the best of you to make them happy.

Because God protects us in extraordinary ways

I was assisted in completing high school education (XII first semester class) up to university after you and I were called by God, by a family trusted by God.

Trisna A, 24, Jakarta

Even though you have lost the most important people in your life, it does not stop God from abandoning you. Believe that God will always send His help through unexpected people. Such a miracle indeed, but in fact many things that happen in this world because of the miracle. We must be sure, that the help of the Almighty is there, and do not hesitate to always ask for help in Him.

Good people are those who never forget that the essence of a human being is life to do good to others. As cruel and harsh as any of this world, never close your eyes that there are still many good people around you. Therefore, we need to remind ourselves to always do good anytime and anywhere. Doing good not only pleases others, but also pleases you.

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