From Waste Money Rush

From Waste Money Rush

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Ever heard of a title or profession of a lamp doctor, lamp mantri or god of lights? This degree is not obtained from the College but because of its success to repair the energy-saving lamp lamps to have the power of incandescent again.

Currently after a doctor the lights of energy-saving lamps that are dead are no longer eliminated or thrown into the trash, but stored to be converted to the nearest clinic doctor.

Light-service shutters are generally always crowded visitors. In a matter of a few hours, the lamp doctor can reap the benefits of hundreds of thousands of dollars in one practice. Really this is a very promising business opportunity.

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With simple equipment such as a minus screwdriver, to pry the lamp case, solder, tin / tenol, multitester / AVO meter and enough cable business is arguably very profitable. Or in other words, mini capital maxi results because the engine lights obtained from the junk centers are very cheap price.

The average profit from one lamp sold is five thousand rupiah. Misbahul Anam said that tells the beginning of this profession because it is often disappointed every time meet the shoplifter service lamp subscription closed. He was then interested in learning to fix one's own lights and succeed. The success of fixing this lamp prompted him to open a service store and sell the lights on his home.

From the corner of the living room of his house on Bugel Raya road, Troso RT.04 / RW. 02 Jepara, visible row of lights of various forms that have been successfully repaired on the sidelines of his busy life as the principal of the largest private elementary school in Jepara and Post Office Post Troso Pecangaan Jepara. Lamp surgery practice usually he did the afternoon after a bath while waiting for maghrib prayer time and continued after isya. Time is quite short it was able to produce dozens of lights with a profit of five thousand dollars per fruit.Initially not many believed that he was able to turn on the lights that have died. But now overwhelmed to meet the public demand around the needs of this TL lamp.

When the lights off there are only two possibilities, otherwise the machine is broken yes the glass is not working. It is marked with a color on the edge of the globe. Obviously this handsome man with a mustache. Bachelor of Education dropped out of State College in Semarang who is also Kompasianer is not embarrassed to undergo profession as a light doctor. Precisely he is proud because he thinks can help the community, especially from the middle to bottom will need lights at an affordable price. In addition, because it is called to keep the environment from the damage caused by waste.

The repaired reconditioning lamps are sold at varying prices from Rp. 13.000, – to RP. 60.000, – depending on the power and type. Very interesting, like other electronic goods, recondition lamp is also guaranteed 1 month.

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