Fruitful Dates Facts in Indonesia

Fruitful Dates Facts in Indonesia

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Exciting news for the people of Indonesia. What is article? Date palm trees are not only fruitful in Arabia, but can also bear fruit in Indonesia. The facts can be found in a palm plantation in the former mining area of ??Bangka Belitung Garden, can be found at

Not only should be in the plantation, around the yard of Al-Barkah Mosque Bekasi, palm trees are fruitful and often in the harvest. In the area of ??Banyuwangi and Surabaya also found a fruitful palm tree. Even more interesting in the area of ??Bogor, the temperature is cool enough for the growth of palm trees are also fruitful.

The development of technology today is very helpful to continue life and improve human civilization. In the case of date palms, the developed technology is able to cross the natural limit of date palm growth. California is currently the highest as a producer of dates in the world, whereas allegedly date palm is from the Arab countries and around Africa whose habitat is tropical.

Indonesia tropical climate, if half of the population of Java island planted date palm trees, our children who are currently sitting on the bench kindergarten, in college must feel the benefits of palm trees, as the largest palm producer in the world.

Climate-related issues, BMKG infiltrated that the annual temperature rise will cause tremendous natural damage, the soil becomes dry and rupture, the trees will be difficult to live because the source of clean groundwater increasingly difficult to find. But not so for palm trees. As already mentioned before about the impacts of climate change and the benefits of palm tree planting activities.

Nature lovers (not only mountain climbers, but all elements of conscious and environmentally conscious society with a way of preserving nature) have not known much about the primacy of planting date palms. Though this tree can survive in very extreme weather like in Arabia, even survive in snow like in Iran. When the cold night stabs, when in the daytime is very hot.

Instead of damaging the land like palm, the planting of large amounts of palm trees in a particular region creates new springs like oases in the desert region of the Arab region.

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The ability to adapt palm trees to nature and climate change can be said to be very qualified. The age that is long to hundreds of years is a distinct advantage so that the step Penapala (Pemuda Nusantara Lovers Nature) to do reforestation by making a movement to plant date palms in Indonesia as called by Ari Prasetya, a nature lover of the founders, worthy imitated.

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