Fuel Rp 150 T per Year, RI Needs Electric Car Production

Fuel Rp 150 T per Year, RI Needs Electric Car ProductionLiputan6.com, Jakarta – The government is trying to boost the development of cars and electric motors in Indonesia. This country must immediately produce electric vehicles to overcome the problem of pollution and waste that occurs due to the use of Fuel (BBM) with a value of Rp 150 trillion per year.

The team of National Electric University of Indonesia (UI), Ing Mohamad Adhitya disclosed, the use of vehicles, both motor and electric car has become a trend in the world today. There are two reasons underlying a number of countries rolling into electric vehicles.

"First, global warming caused by exhaust emissions and secondly, the scarcity of natural resources, such as petroleum We are facing a crisis because oil prices are very expensive The world's automotive industry overcomes these problems with electric cars," he said in the discussion of Electric Car in Gandaria City, Jakarta, Sunday (29/10/2017).

Meanwhile, Expert Staff of the Minister of Transportation for Technology and Energy, Prasetyo Boeditjahjono, said that in Nawa Cita, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) wants to create energy sovereignty. One of them utilizes electrical energy for transportation.

"There is no other option except to switch to electricity immediately, and the air pollution is heavy," said Prasetyo, adding that the poisons were all toxic because of the fossil fuel emissions.

He further explained that air pollution poses a serious threat to society, especially in urban areas with high vehicle density.

Another reason, he added, World Health Organization (WHO) meleorkan an eighth death of people around the world or about 8 million people per year in 2014. This is caused by exposure to air pollution. A total of 68 thousand people died in Indonesia.

The data mentioned, 57.8 percent of residents in Jakarta suffer from illness or illness due to exposure to air pollution so they have to pay medical expenses reached Rp 38.5 trillion.

"Our policy of applying the Euro 4 emission standard that can bring economic benefits with a benefit of Rp 3.97 trillion in 2030. Other regulations are electric vehicles," said Prasetyo.

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