Fun … Fishing Fish in Gresik Rice Pond

Fun ... Fishing Fish in Gresik Rice PondDistrict Cerme Gresik known for in this area found many people farming business. Not a few of the owners of ponds functioning tambaknya pond into a fishing pond that attracted many tourists. Glad this heart. Go for a walk with family to fill the day off. The only way we want to fish together. Cash just my mind fixed on the famous fishing pond in Gresik City. This fishing pond is located in Desa Tambak Rice, Cerme-Gresik.

On Saturday and Sunday the fishing pond which is also equipped with a grilled fish restaurant is crowded by anglers Gresik and surrounding areas even once we also witnessed foreign tourists fished in this fishing pond. After traveling about 30 kilometers from our residence, we arrived at the place where we are headed a fishing pond Putri Sari Indah in Rice Pond area, Cerme-Gresik. This fishing pond is equipped with ample parking area. Fishing place is quite comfortable because it provided shade (payon) and the halls to sit while waiting for the bait eaten fish.

For visitors who like to play note book, in this fishing pond is available free internet service. While waiting for the fish to steal the bait mounted on the hook, the angler can chat and browse first. In short it's all fun. This fishing pond is divided into two classes. VIP and regular classes. In the usual fishing pond the anglers only charged a very low cost of 50 thousand for a day. Types of fish provided in fishing ponds include mujair, tombro and pomfret. The average is still young. Anglers bring their own umbrellas from home to protect themselves from the heat and rain.

Another case with VIP class fishing ponds. Entrance fee Rp. 150 thousand a day. Types of milkfish are mature. There is free Wi-Fi service and there is shade and bamboo halls to sit the angler and his family. For us it's not about fishing in a regular class fishing pool or VIP. The most important thing about fishing is for the pleasure and the rest of the mind. The choice of fishing pond class is up to the visitor.

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