Fun, Now You Can Access Wikipedia Offline Smartphone!

Fun, Now You Can Access Wikipedia Offline Smartphone!Actually in the era of all sophisticated today, a qualified internet connection is indeed a necessary thing yes. But in the country of Indonesia, the connection is still a dream of everyone. Well Wikipedia seems to understand that and finally provide a feature that can make you can enjoy any posts you want through the world's largest encyclopedia site, even without the need for internet connection at all.

Yes, Wikipedia has just completed its Android and iOS apps with the Save Page feature so you can enjoy certain articles anywhere and anytime without having to connect to the internet. This feature is perfect for you to use when traveling to a place that is difficult to connect to the internet, but requires information from Wikipedia.

Step use of this feature is also very easy. For Android users, you just need to press the option button (three line button) and select Save Page. In addition, for you iOS users, you just need to press the heart button at the bottom of the screen and the desired article will be saved immediately. Easy is not it? Now if you want to access the page again, you just need to go to the main menu in the Wikipedia app and select Saved pages.

Advantages of Wikipedia Offline what is this?

One of the advantages is, when you have to travel by plane and require your smartphone in airplane mode, then you can read Wikipedia page without having to need internet connection again deh. In addition, if you are in the middle of the wild and have to spend the night in the middle of the forest, then you can prepare Wikipedia Offline as a survival for the sake of knowing which plants are feasible to eat or poisonous. Good luck!

Source: Field Guide

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