Fun to Visit Small World Taman Miniatur Dunia in Purwokerto

Fun to Visit Small World Taman Miniatur Dunia in PurwokertoThe end of the year is certainly the right time to momentarily forget all the routines that make you tired, take time to vacation with family or loved ones. Nothing wrong with your visit to the City under the foot of Mount Slamet in Central Java is Purwokerto. Traveling to this city does not have to cost expensive, just use a private vehicle or train and bus fares are still very affordable, you can get here.

Here you can travel around the world in just 1 hour, how come?

Yes, in Purwokerto precisely in Ketenger Village, Baturaden District, Banyumas Regency there is a tourist attraction called "Small World", in addition to cool and cool air, if lucky because of the sunny weather, then the beautiful view of Mount Slamet with lush and cool trees, here also there are various miniature monuments / buildings that come from various countries in the world.

Surely you do not have to go all the way around the world and spend enough expensive right?

You can selfie at Eiffel Tower in Paris, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Statue of Liberty in the United States, Taj Mahal Mosque in India, Pyramids in Egypt, Merlion in Singapore, Tower Bridge in London, Opera House in Australia, Windmill at Netherlands, Twin Tower Petronas in Malaysia and of course the icon of pride of Indonesia namely the National Monument in Jakarta.

Small World monuments are smaller in size but with identical shapes that resemble actual monuments.

Tourist attraction that began to open in September 2016 became one of the favorite tour of Purwokerto and surrounding communities, on the weekend tourists are very busy visiting this Small World.

In addition to offering beautiful views of Mount Slamet and monuments from various countries, there are also various custom homes in the archipelago you know.

Taking the family of course not only berekreasi but also do educational tours and know the customs and culture in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke up close.

With only 15,000 on Ordinary Days and 20,000 on weekends you can get around the world you know. Small World tourist attraction opened every day starting at 07.00 and closed at 22.00.

Let's schedule your vacation time to visit Purwokerto and travel in Small World with your family and loved ones, prepare tongsis and action cam to make your holiday more hits.If there is no sustenance and time to travel around the world, at least we never know what monuments in the world. Hopefully someday not only the miniature that we visit, but the real monument.

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