Ganjar Pranowo Revives Environmental License for Cement Plant

Ganjar Pranowo Revives

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SEMARANG, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo re-issue the latest environmental permit for PT Semen Indonesia in Rembang regency.

The latest licenses issued are to regulate mining activities and the construction of an Indonesian cement factory.

The issuance of permits is set forth in the Governor's Decree No. 660.1 / 6 of 2017. The Governor's Decree was signed on Thursday (23/2/2017) last night.

It has been signed and has been announced, Ganjar said.

The issuance of permit for Rembang cement factory tonight has also been announced on the official website of Central Java Provincial Government. The announcement was delivered on Thursday at around 22:34 pm.

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He said the issuance of the latest environmental permit was a follow-up to the recommendation of the Amdal Appraisal Commission (KPA) team. The Amdal Commission team has held an Amdal amendment hearing on February 2, 2017, attended by experts, government, academia, community representatives, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The deadline before February 24, environmental permit must be signed, then I signed, he said.

The issuance of the license is a separate policy or post-revocation discretion by the Supreme Court.

Related to the discretion he made, Ganjar claimed to have reported it to President Jokowi, both before and after the policy was made.

Previously, Ganjar planned to report to the President about his authority to use discretion or make his own decisions related to the continuation of the operation of the Indonesian Cement factory in Rembang Regency.Before being issued (discretion), I convey to the president. Once issued, again. Later on if the discretion, submitted to the President, said Ganjar, when asked for the development of Semen Rembang factory.

The beginning of this discretion, when the Governor, made a decision by order to PT Semen Indonesia to make amendments to the environmental impact statement document.

The governor also asked the Amdal assessment team to see the amend amendment process running.

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After the repair process is run, then held Amdal Commission meeting with the results of amdal documents PT Semen Indonesia worth recommended. The Amdal commission proceedings were then presented to the governor's desk, and finally signed.

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