Gardening, Greening the City and Sehatkan Body Together with LSPR 4C

Gardening, Greening – London School of Public Relations Jakarta through LSPR Climate Change Championship Club (LSPR 4C) which is one of the student activity units under LSPR Jakarta carry out Gardening Class activities. The event was held on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 08.00 – 12.00 WIB including vegetable planting activities at Casa Goya Residence, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

Gardening Class is the first event of LSPR 4C annual event series entitled ENVIRONMENT MONTH 2015 where for a whole month LSPR 4C will hold various activities and environmental care campaign as a contribution to healthy environment.

Gardening activities for LSPR Jakarta students are expected to green the surrounding environment and nourish the body. During the activities students are not only equipped with knowledge on how to grow vegetables properly and properly, but they are also taught how to prepare the ready-to-use soil.

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Earth can no longer wait to be saved, with LSPR 4C small to big things can be done as a real action that we hope will inspire Indonesian people to save the earth as a way of life. For example, by doing gardening activities, we have participated in reducing global warming and it is very beneficial for the earth and also the needs of the body, say
Reynold Antony, President of LSPR 4C 2014 2015.

ENVIRONMENT MONTH 2015 is the 7th ENVIRONMENT MONTH activity since 2009 where the theme raised this year is OXYGEN, with the tagline The only thing better than the NextGen is Oxygen. Oxygen is the theme of the event because Global Warming continues to be very disturbing quality and amount of oxygen in the world, especially Jakarta as a metropolitan city. The high level of development and users of motor vehicles that occur in Jakarta are not accompanied by the rate of growth of trees and greening space of course causes high air pollution.

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In LSPR 4C Environment Month 2015, various events will be held both within the campus environment of LSPR Jakarta and elsewhere. Events that will be held after the Gardening Class activities are Tumbler Day, OXY MOB, OXYEAN
Plant, and OXYBIKE. All activities aimed at preserving the environment and encouraging the people of Indonesia, especially the citizens of Jakarta to reduce the impact of global warming that begins from the self.

LSPR 4C is one of the student activity units of LSPR focusing on environmental activities. Established since 2009, environmental activities have been largely undertaken by LSPR 4C which is assembled in an annual event called Environment Month. Think Green, Act Green, Start From Our Hands is a tagline that is always proudly shouted by the agents of change, the designation for members of LSPR 4C.
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