Garnadi Success Through Ornamental Plants Aglaonema

Garnadi Success Through Ornamental Plants Aglaonema

Image source:, Jakarta: Starting from the hobby and educational background in the field of biological persistence Gregori Garnadi Hambali against ornamental plants aglaonema finally paid off. Because a number of ornamental plants aglaonema crossing Garnadi is now worth millions of rupiah per leaf blade.
Overview of ornamental plants aglaonema it may look like other ornamental plants ordinary. But for the fans of ornamental plants, this type of aglaonema plant has its own beauty.

According Garnadi, he has managed to make dozens of ornamental plants aglaonema from the cultivation of plant crops. The study was conducted alone at his home in Bogor, West Java, since 1982.

The result of crossing Garnadi plant is indeed beautiful. Because the plant aglaonema with certain color patterns can be produced Garnadi. In addition, Garnadi's previous job of becoming a researcher at the National Institute of Biology made him have a sufficient knowledge base for the field of ornamental plants.

For Garnadi, the beauty of aglaonema is determined from its plant crop. Therefore, he must be willing to find good aglaonema plant sockets to the forests in and outside the country. In addition to Indonesia, this aglaonema plant is grown in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Garnadi does take care of his ornamental plants with a very special. This made him to install surveillance cameras in his garden to protect the aglaonema trees from the hands of ignorant.

For fans and lovers of ornamental plants aglaonema, plants crosses done by Garnadi does have a certain beauty. Thus, many fans are willing to spend enough to get these ornamental plants.

In fact, they have to stand in line and wait up to two years to have the ornamental plant. In addition, the economic value of plants that reach millions of rupiahs makes these buyers aglaonema make it as an investment.

Garnadi's love of ornamental plants was also transmitted to his wife, Indriani Kusudiardjo. Indriani finally went directly to help her beloved husband in a business that brought huge material benefits. (ZIZ / Erlangga Wisnuaji and Djunaedi Setiawan)

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