Garuda Admits Trouble Added Trouble

Garuda Admits Trouble Added Trouble

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PT Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) openly admitted the difficulty of penetrating the market of the former international planes, following the world's demand for the last few years.

"We are finding it difficult to find planes to increase the fleet, so some business plans such as adding routes and frequencies are inhibited," said Agus Priyanto, EVP Sales and Marketing Agus Priyanto to the press after the inaugural flight of the new Jakarta-Palangkaraya route.

In fact, he said, Garuda this year requires at least seven 737 aircraft and two cargo aircraft (freighter) type Boeing 737.

This state-owned airline to date operates 49 aircraft dominated by Boeing series classics both 737-300, 400 and 500.

"But we are optimistic that we can have one freighter this year, which is now being negotiated," he said.

Agus admitted the difficulty is not a factor of trust from international financing companies to Garuda, but rather to the specification of the aircraft sought hard to obtain in the market.

"We do not have the origin of the aircraft without adjusting to the specifications and history of the aircraft," he said.

In addition, Garuda also pay attention to the condition and type of aircraft engines and others.

"All of these specifications are closely related to operational efficiency, for example, the current seating configuration of Garuda aircraft is divided into three, among others, 100, 110 and 120 seats," he said.

Therefore, he said, he formulated the condition of Garuda is currently entering the peak stage. That is, the number of routes and the frequency of the flight is in maximum condition, if added again, without any new aircraft, it will be a boomerang for Garuda.

In fact, in the midst of domestic passenger growth above 20 percent per year, Agus record, Garuda to 2008 target is able to serve 33 provincial capitals throughout Indonesia."A number of new domestic routes proposed to regulators include Jakarta- Malang Going Home (PP)," he said.

The new route Garuda Jakarta-Palangkaraya is the 25th domestic destination (destination) for Garuda and simultaneously with this, Garuda implements boarding pass using bar code.

"Palangkaraya we choose because the passengers are not too crowded, with the implementation of bar code boarding pass is more efficient," said Agus.

In addition, Garuda plans a program of greening Palangkaraya, particularly related to the preservation of the orangutan habitat in the province through the allocation of funds from tickets sold on international routes and destinations Palangkaraya.

So, he added, around next month, from every Garuda passenger ticket sales from Australia, Japan and Korea, some will be donated to tree planting in Palangkaraya.

"The amount of money per passenger can contribute one tree," said Agus. "If every day 500 international passengers are Garuda, it means there are at least 500 trees donated to Palangkaraya.

The Governor of Central Kalimantan, A. Teras Narang welcomed the Garuda plan.

"Due to uneven deforestation with past reforestation, currently about 1.4 million ha of dryland out of a total of 2.6 million ha of existing forestland, the total area of ??Kalteng is about 15 million ha," Teras said. (* / rsd)

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