Gas allocation for public transportation starts in 2013

Gas allocation for public transportation starts in 2013The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) said gas supply for transportation is being allocated next year. This year the distribution of 14,000 converter kits is not done.

Director of Oil and Gas Downstream Business of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Umi Asngadah, said that to support gas development for transportation, the Government has provided gas supply in 2012 of 35.5 million cubic feet per day and next year at 44.5 mmscfd and in 2014 at 84.2 mmscfd.

"Since the distribution of 14,000 converter kits for public transportation can not be done yet, next year will still use the remaining gas supply in 2012," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (25/12).

He said based on roadmap SPBG development, in 2011 has built 4 units of CNG SPBG in Palembang. 2012 will be built in Surabaya and Jabodetabek. While in 2013, is planned to be built in East Kalimantan. While Cirebon, Pekanbaru and Sengkang will be built SPBG in 2014.

The government, he said, continues to push the policy of diversification of fuel to gas fuel, including for the transportation sector. PT Pertamina gets the assignment to supply and distribute gas fuel in the form of CNG, until 2013. Meanwhile, starting 2014, the private sector is encouraged to develop CNG SPBG through gas supply allocation.

He stressed the effort to encourage private sector to build CNG SPBG, in accordance with Presidential Decree Number 64 Year 2012 on Supply, Distribution and Determination of Gas Fuel Prices for Road Transportation.

"The fuel conversion program to gas fuel has three main objectives: controlling fuel subsidies, reducing fiscal burden, reducing vehicle fuel costs and controlling the environment from air pollution," he said. [arr]

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