Get to know more about the cloth and the Dayak weaving

Get to know more about the cloth and the Dayak weavingArt of beauty is one branch of art that is in great demand by many people. One medium that can show the beauty of it is the fabric. Indonesia itself also has many kinds of fabric. Let's see the explanation together.

Besurek fabrics are traditional Indonesian cloth originating from Bengkulu region. Besurek has the meaning of written or written. The name of this cloth is derived from batik motifs besurek shaped motif Arabic bald or kaligrafi that is dikaligrafikan. Motives are also inspired from elements of Islamic culture. This motif is what distinguishes batik cloth besurek with Javanese batik. However, the process of making this besurek fabric is not different from the manufacture of Javanese batik. For the coloring part of fabric, this turbine has a brighter and varied colors.

Another cloth besurek, other also with Dayak woven fabric. In the past, after finishing farming, the Dayak women would weave cloth. Dayak weave is made using a tool commonly called gedok. The manufacturing process is also quite long, even for months. The coloring process also uses natural ingredients. Dayak woven fabric has a flora and fauna that comes from nature in the area around Dayak. There are several types of Dayak weaving, such as kebat that has asymmetric motifs or natural motifs, sidan who have bright and bright colors, sungket who have an outline and firm motive. Kebat, sidan and sungket fabrics are commonly used by Iban Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan.

Well, now you already know about cloth besurek and woven Dayak in Indonesia. Indonesia typical cloth is of course has become a pride for our nation.

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