Getokan broom handle Tuti, demonstrators trampled crops

Getokan broom handle

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Maryati or familiar called Tuti, female 54-year-old never thought he would come face to face with one of the number one person in Jakarta. Tuti, gets the honor of eating one table even bought a new phone by Basuki Tjahaja full Moon or familiar accosted Ahok.

It's all thanks to getokan broom handle Tuti filed to the direction of the taxi driver when it's the middle of a peaceful protest in front of the City Hall, Central Jakarta demanding diblokirnya-based transportation applications such as Uber and Grab the Car. Tuti's day-to-day work as laborers (PHL) the Department of Parks DKI Jakarta fly off the handle look at the demonstrators with impunity, trample the plants even, up to peed on it when rallied.

Suddenly at that moment he immediately evict the protesters are damaging the plants located in front of City Hall with the butt of his broom, but when it was Tuti on duty with two of her male colleagues. However, the second that his worry will diamuk mass if rebuked.

"Nginjek, urinate, dispose of the garbage food is just thrown fitting ngeriung-riung. Cigarette butts, or what all. First, a lot of beautiful madura. But now alhamdulillah lah. Since Ahok power handyman trade not so," said the citizens of Pondok Gede, Bekasi.

"There's nothing that brave. The other men are afraid of being mobbed. If I right mothers segen them. If not I encourage use of a broom. When there is a urination in the corner also I snapped, I interesting use the broom alone," he added.

After lunch with Ahok, Tuti was awarded a mobile phone camera from a former Politician Gerindra.

"Mr. governor salaman directly told to eat first, sate and soto," he said pleased.

"Said Mr. Governor, I love HP, other times photographed. Later I usirin, I interesting use the broom. Phone ordered pairs, already given, learn. Pak Ahok directly. thank you. Yes to slow. Was given the number of Pak Ahok to report," said the Mother of the child three. [rhm] NEXT

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