Getting to Know More Near the Minister of LH

Getting to Know More Near the Minister of LHDr. Ir Siti Nurbaya Bakar MSc, yesterday was appointed Minister of Environment and Forestry Working Cabinet for the period 2014-2019 by President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. Although he entered the ranks of the cabinet through the coalition party, but Siti Nurbaya is not a green person in the bureaucracy.

Who is the figure of Siti Nurbaya?

Born in Jakarta on August 28, 1956, grew up and through a primary education in Jakarta, then pursued a college at the Bogor Agricultural Institute and completed his undergraduate degree in 1979. He continued his Master's degree at the International Institute for Aerospace Survey which he completed in 1988. the same year won his S3 degree at the Bogor Agricultural Institute. In 2009 he was educated in Lemhanas in the XVI generation and won the Seroja Award from Governor of Lemhanas.

Menapaki careers from below in Lampung Government as agricultural extension. As civil servants at that time must be active in Golkar, through the KNPI and AMPI. In 1989 – 1998 was elected as one of the board at the DPD Golkar Lampung, and from 2003 became the board at the DPP AMPI. And in 2010 was elected to the board of DPP MKGR.

From Pemda Lampung then moved to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (now Ministry of Internal Affairs) and managed to reach the position of Secretary General (2001-2005). In 2004 rewarded the achievement of Extraordinary Work Achievement from Home Affairs Minister and National Exemplary Staff from Menpan.

In 2006-2013 was elected as Secretary General of DPD at DPD-RI, and finally chose to plunge into politics by joining National Democratic Party (NasDem). In the 2014 legislative election, Siti Nurbaya is the legislative candidate of DPR-RI Lampung 1 electoral district with serial number 1.

In 2011-2013 he was appointed as the Board of Commissioner of PT PUSRI, as well as active in Lemhanas Alumni Association (2010-2015), Chairman of IPB Natural Resources and Environment Management Association (2012-2015) and Chairman of the Advisory Board of APKASI (2012-2015).

Siti Nurbaya is also active in education as a lecturer at Trisakti and IPB Bogor.

Siti Nurbaya married Rusli Rachman and was blessed with two children, actively writing as a caregiver of Career Women's section in Kartini Magazine. And has succeeded in collecting awards from Satya Lencana Karya Satya, Bintang Jasa Satya Lencana Wirakarya and Bintang Jasa Utama.

As a career woman who is very active with a lot of experience both in bureaucracy and in practical politics, of course Siti Nurbaya is expected to successfully lead the Ministry of Environment and Forestry RI period 2014-2019. Incidentally, Siti Nurbaya is a lecturer in Environmental courses at IPB Bogor.

Congratulations to carry out duties at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, formerly held by two Ministers in the previous Cabinet, Mrs. Siti Nurbaya. Hopefully under the leadership of Mrs. Siti Nurbaya, the environment in Indonesia will be more organized and more protected forests.

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